Analysis: The Syrian death toll and counting bodies

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You can not turn on your television anymore without seeing some terrible image of bloodshed from overseas, especially of the gruesome footage of the violence in Syria. There are countless articles about the consistently rising death toll, but numbers only go so far. Numbers are, after all, just numbers.

In an article from Time Magazine, writer Vivienne Walt dives deeper into the true death toll of the Syrian conflict by going straight to the man responsible for coming up with those impressive death toll numbers - Rami Abdelrahman, also know as Osama Suleiman, a Syrian immigrant to Britain who heads the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in Coventry, in the British Midlands. His job is, quite literally, to count the corpses.

Suleiman's one conclusion? - "If we continue like that we will destroy all of Syria."

Walt seems to avoid stereotypes altogether in her reporting, opting instead to show the view of a man who, although he has ties to the region, has an unclouded opinion, since he watches from thousands of miles away as his country is torn apart.

"Perhaps that is not surprising," Walt said, "for a man who spends his days closely watching the bloodletting across Syria." Walt focuses on Suleiman's own opinion on the conflict. "When I ask him whether he is looking forward to finally returning home to a free Syria once peace returns, [he] laughs and says, 'You are dreaming. You will finally see democracy in Syria, but it will not happen in my lifetime.'"

Not only did Walt speak with Suleiman, but she found information from several organizations involved in the Syrian strife: the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma, the London-based Strategic Research and Communications Center, U.N. organizations and more.

This article goes beyond the numbers of the Syrian conflict, at least in the portion about Osama Suleiman, by presenting a voice.

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