Syrian death toll climbs to 37,000

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After 20 months of armed conflict, the Syrian death toll has climbed to over 37,000.

The cities of Homs and Damascus are the deadliest in Syria, according to an opposition group that keeps records of the war's casualties, reported CNN News. Homs narrowly beats Damascus in deaths, with Homs having 6,992 and Damascus having 6,750, according to the Violations Documentation Center.

The total number of 37,387 deaths recorded by the Violations Documentation Center now includes government soldiers' deaths, reported CNN News.

Osama Suleiman, a Syrian immigrant to Britain, heads the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and has the difficult task of counting the deaths, reported Time Magazine. Suleiman claims that more than 26,596 civilians have been killed, including 4,000 to 5,000 rebel fighters. He has also reported 9,445 deaths in Syrian forces and 498 unidentifiable people. His numbers do not include thousands of Syrians who have disappeared after being arrested.

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