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color theory

the reading on color theory was a good refresher for me, but i learned some interesting things too. i always need a review on the color harmonies, i didn't even know there was such a thing as a double complementary scheme. i also didn't know that sir isaac newton was the one that invented the color wheel! it was also interesting to look at the "elemental chill" cd cover. you get to see what a big difference changing one color can do, and i find that very useful for future work. it was very helpful to have the color chart with all of the different color associations and cultural links. since we are doing a poster on coexistence, i will definitely take those associations into consideration.


this reading was all about using trompe l'oeil to make poster design more interesting and attention grabbing. with all of the technology and special effects that are used everyday in media, designers need to go above and beyond to make their designs noticeable. when people actually stop to look at a poster, that's when the designer has success.

what i want to know about graphic design

i really want to learn how to be a less literal thinker. i need to learn more about being more creative and looking past the design to the message underneath.

something that inspires me is the work of Scott Hansen. The colors in all of his pieces is wonderful, and his use of typography in his poster design makes everything come together. I wish i could sit down with him and learn his process. All of his pieces are so good and all i want to do is learn how he made them!

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