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poster statement

the idea behind my posters is elementary. if we all went back went back to the days of playdoh and playgrounds, where everyone got along, the world would be a better place.

crit 2/22

color poster.jpg

play together1.jpg

play together2.jpg

anatomy 3

the reading that i thought was the most interesting was anatomy 3 because of the use of the mixed media in digital work. it is very apparent in all fields of advertising, but i notice it especially in the world of action sports. i use the faux paper look in work i do and have several photoshop brushes and folders of photographed crinkled and stained paper.

this is an ad for Evo in Freeskier magazine by Nathan Burnham-Bradley. although it's a photo collage, the addition of doodles and duct tape give it a multi layered feeling.

this ad for Victoria Jealouse and Burton snowboards by Peter Sunna is another example of an all digital ad looking like a mixed media piece. by using the right amount of transparency and drop shadow, the middle objects are made to look like they are thin plastic.

Thumbnail image for ad redoneFINAL.jpg

contemporary design of iran

most of the beginning of the article is talking about how design in iran does not have the right purpose right now. most of what's out there just looks nice but doesn't really say much about the products they're advertising for, or what kind of products are in the store behind the sign.

"The concrete outcome is that we have two types of graphic design; one is local design intended for domestic use, which we neglect to consider and craft, study and promote in educational institutions, and the other is a form of graphic design, which is mainly produced for participation of international contests and is mostly referred to as Iranian contemporary graphic design."

When we put Iranian cultural posters side by side with Western posters, we don't see much difference in appearance of the works... Western posters are in line with and a continuation of the western culture. Our posters, on the contrary, fail to establish any relationship with our culture because they have no relation to our society. Not that their elements are Iranian or not, the core of the matter is that they lack the necessary Iranian essence...

international design

i found the website for the Warsaw International Poster Biennale which has several categories: Ideological posters - works concerning universal themes, condition of man, civilization problems, social and political actions; Culture posters - promoting culture, art, education and sport; Advertising posters - promoting services, commodities and business; The Henryk Tomaszewski Golden Debut - works submitted by students or graduates of art academies up to two years from graduation. Graduation projects and academic assignments printed digitally can be submitted with permission from the college; Special category: "Chopin Anew" - competition for a poster which presents a new graphic approach to the work and person of Frederic Chopin. Also all of the entries must be printed works that have been published. It was interesting looking at all of the international entries that i really couldn't find a signature style for designers of today. it could be because it is all different genres of posters but otherwise i didn't think there was any distinguishable traits that separated one country from another.

Warsaw International Poster Biennale

polish- golden debut

russia- 2nd place culture posters

france- 3rd place ideological posters

the "charity begins at work" problem

i thought this was a very enlightening article. i didn't know that there was such a big debate surrounding the charity/corporate work. how do most design firms decide how much charitable work to do? the only background i have is Dawn Hancock with her firm, Firebelly designs. they choose one non-profit group per year and they do any work the group needs done. the only thing i was really confused about in the article was when they talked about overprinting new information on old posters. wouldn't it still cost the same because you have to make the original posters in the first place?

poster research 2/8

since i've decided on a general idea for my four poster designs, i want the feel of them to be like educational posters seen in classrooms. here is a designer doing the same thing, talking about fields.

here are some more examples of actual posters found in classrooms:

poster research

what i really want to do for my poster is a playground scene. when everyone is a child arguments are settled with a game of rock paper scissors, and friends are made with a simple question. i wanted to make sure that the playground scene i create is universal, so i found some playgrounds from around the world.
Russian Playground
Singapore Playgrounds
Tire playground in Japan

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