day 2- 4/28

i woke up with my window open under my 4 layers of covers and made some pb&j toast and put some milk into a water bottle. i get into GD not really knowing what we were doing in class. i choose to use my favorite font- helvetica neue ultralight. i haven't decided what to focus on thought. i head to des tech. i have my pop can done and do up my packaging. i am excited to use fontographer next week! i drop off my petition in the music office and i hope that my guitar lessons get approved. i start to work on my history of GD project right away and watch some what not to wear and say yes to the dress. i eat half of my mashed potatoes and peas and take a break. i watch the gatebangers dominate at innertube water polo with Ann and then i head to travis's house to help him with homework. we go to bed around 2 am. i love snuggling!

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