day 3- 4/29

thursday is the last day of the week and i couldn't wait for it to be over. i go to my cultural studies class at 10am expecting a productive day since our final is in a week. WRONG. same shit different day.

"uh, so this is great and everything but what do we actually need to know for the final?"

alex gets so mad and sassy at our teacher. she's crazy though. my 3D class was pretty productice and i got all my measurements made. history of GD we had a speaker and then i tried to listen for most of the class. i go down to the photo room to help trav with his photo project. it has to do with half naked people... i go home and get my stuff all put together to go to kayla's to get ready for the ski team banquet. i drive amanda, shana, mary, and sam over to beacon pointe. we have a fun time getting all hot. we take some pictures and make our way to grandma;s sports garden. travis looked sooo handsome in his suit! awards time came around and it had it's ups and downs. i was sad that i didn't get voted captain and kelsey did, but at the end ranger took into account all my hard work and effort and appointed me VP of fundraising or essentially VP number 2. she didn't want to "dethrone" time. i also got voted best attitude and that meant a lot to me because i try really hard to stay positive. we took more pictures and i went home to trav's to help him out some more with his photo project.

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