day 4- 4/30

trav woke up at 6am to try and get his photo book finished. we worked on that til 2. (i didn't get up til 10am though) i went home to relax and take a shower, til 7 when trav was finished stuyding. i filled mu my time watching summer heights high. after 7 i went to trav's and me and him and papa chuck and his ladyfriend jenny all went to china cafe for dinner. it was DELICIOUS! and a gift from mama gwynn. i was not a CPCer but travis was. after that we went to super one and redbox to get a movie and end up seeing jeremy and alex. they want to hang out buy i'm wiped out. we go back home and trav and chuck have a jam session before bed. i get to watch 2 whole episodes of say yes to the dress then it's finally bed time

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