day 8- 5/4

tuesday's always start out crazy. my cultural studies final is supposed to be on thursday and my teacher is blabbing on about things that we should have learned last week. i was the only one who wanted to switch the final to next week's regular final time so that made me feel kind of bad. wednesday at 10 am is not a big deal people! if it were friday at 4 i might understand... i'm sad because i realize i forgot my keys and my wallet at home and i can't get a bagel for lunch. in 3D i cut out the first side of my chair and it felt good that it was super easy to do. history of GD there was a grad student speaker and i actually liked his work... i take kayla and pick up jessica to barnes and noble to go get some wedding magazines. at the mall i get a subway footlong and when we get back to their place i eat the whole thing. this has only happened twice in my life. we watch a little bit of say yes to the dress and then me and kelsey make kayla go to bed since she hasn't slept in 48 hours! i go to the 3D studio and cut out the other half of my chair. they put a new blade on the jigsaw and that makes my life 100x easier. i clamp my 2 pieces together and sand it down and they're almost perfect. water polo is at 10 and we kill the first game. 17-5. the second game which wasn't supposed to happen til tomorrow was the championship game against the frat team which we lost 0-4. this is the 4th year in a row that it's happened that way. i go to bed after that.

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