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WIP project 4

day 3- 4/29

thursday is the last day of the week and i couldn't wait for it to be over. i go to my cultural studies class at 10am expecting a productive day since our final is in a week. WRONG. same shit different day.

"uh, so this is great and everything but what do we actually need to know for the final?"

alex gets so mad and sassy at our teacher. she's crazy though. my 3D class was pretty productice and i got all my measurements made. history of GD we had a speaker and then i tried to listen for most of the class. i go down to the photo room to help trav with his photo project. it has to do with half naked people... i go home and get my stuff all put together to go to kayla's to get ready for the ski team banquet. i drive amanda, shana, mary, and sam over to beacon pointe. we have a fun time getting all hot. we take some pictures and make our way to grandma;s sports garden. travis looked sooo handsome in his suit! awards time came around and it had it's ups and downs. i was sad that i didn't get voted captain and kelsey did, but at the end ranger took into account all my hard work and effort and appointed me VP of fundraising or essentially VP number 2. she didn't want to "dethrone" time. i also got voted best attitude and that meant a lot to me because i try really hard to stay positive. we took more pictures and i went home to trav's to help him out some more with his photo project.

day 2- 4/28

i woke up with my window open under my 4 layers of covers and made some pb&j toast and put some milk into a water bottle. i get into GD not really knowing what we were doing in class. i choose to use my favorite font- helvetica neue ultralight. i haven't decided what to focus on thought. i head to des tech. i have my pop can done and do up my packaging. i am excited to use fontographer next week! i drop off my petition in the music office and i hope that my guitar lessons get approved. i start to work on my history of GD project right away and watch some what not to wear and say yes to the dress. i eat half of my mashed potatoes and peas and take a break. i watch the gatebangers dominate at innertube water polo with Ann and then i head to travis's house to help him with homework. we go to bed around 2 am. i love snuggling!

day 1- 4/27

this morning i woke up at travis's house. it's always so hard to get up in the morning when i'm there. i sleep with 4 layers of covers at home but at his place only 2. it's fine when he's there but i had a hard time falling asleep last night because he wasn't home yet. i'm so thankful that we fit together so well. physically, mentally, emotionally. everything. i gave him a ride and went home to shower quick. 10am intro to cultural studies with my crazy scatterbrained teacher. finding food and all in a days work presented today. even though the economy sucks here, we're still better off than so many other places. stats show that 1 in 3 children born after the year 2000 will be diabetic. and by 2030 the 18-24 year olds will all be too fat to fight. 11:40am i get my bagel (cinnamon raisin and honey cream cheese today) and head down to the ven den to see travis. he's not the "food shelf" or the "soup kitchen" (i don't remember which) but he gives me a little sip of soda (to build my [her] pride... PTSG) 12pm 3D design with sue. i get all my gates into the studio and determine i need to cut those to 20.5". can't afford to get wood at this point but i'll figure something out. 2pm amy tries to capture my attention with more current design of the 70s. vietnam. nixon. the most striking image was the battered uncle sam-i want out. not getting my 8 hours (of sleep) means exhaustion sets in around 3 and i way down for a nap. I panic because i think taylor's glove is lost, but jeremy tells me it's at his house. i get woken up at 5:30 with an invitation to DC chicken strip night. blake has 76 meals left after he lets me in. the ice cream was delicious. especially all the cherries and chocolate syrup. i contemplate drinking before the gatebangers softball game at 9 but i need to bring my A game. we suck. real bad. all of the guys on the other team are monster hitters and they were even short in the outfield. i get to bat twice and get out both times. they are surprised by my speed however. i miss two important outs as catcher and i leave the game with a sore knee and 0-19 loss. i get home, talk with my roommates. the word of the day: dribble. in combination with the word diddle it can induce vomiting in the modest. i get m rockstar pink can all finished and surf facebook. i then stumble upon i've heard of it before, but never tried it. i sign up and choose: alcoholic drinks, weddings, design, graphic design, photo gear, photography, photoshop, relationships, sexual health, skiing, and tattoos. we'll see what i discover the next couple of days

project 3 process

i will be using desaturated color casts in my poster. the one side will be polaroids and wood floor, and the other side will be night photography and lights. so overall a dark look.

from the readings i will be using unity in this project. all of the polaroids will be different subjects and juxtaposed differently, good unity will help to bring all of the elements of the piece together. i will also probably use a grid to organize my polaroids, but an organic looking one. or i might try a geometric grid, but just trying different angles of the pictures.

project process 3/8

it took me a while but i found some great examples of contemporary design that is reflecting a historical period. these posters were done in 1999/2000 to promote Beaver Creek resort in Colorado.

Screen shot 2010-03-21 at 7.02.14 PM.png

Screen shot 2010-03-21 at 7.03.02 PM.png

Screen shot 2010-03-21 at 7.03.50 PM.png

Screen shot 2010-03-21 at 7.05.09 PM.png

poster statement

the idea behind my posters is elementary. if we all went back went back to the days of playdoh and playgrounds, where everyone got along, the world would be a better place.

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