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Why aren't my students listed yet in the DSB print-tracking file?
Instructors from digital classes must send their final class lists (after folks have added and dropped) to Caroline Houdek at the DSB ( their students are able to print. It takes a few days to enter them into the system. All other classes use the pay-as-you-go method for making prints.

What if some students in my class print digitally but others print in the silver darkroom or with the litho stones?  Do I send you the entire class list?
No. if you teach advanced photography, advanced printmaking or independent study for which a digital course fee is collected, and you have some students working digitally and others working chemically, please send ONLY the student names who will be using the DSB as the regular printing base. We transfer area course fees into the DSB account based on what you tell us, so you will need for students to declare up front where their fees should go. If a student wants to work both digitally and with other means, you can split their fee and send half to us and keep half in the area; but you and the student need to determine the appropriate amount. If someone initially chooses the non-digital route but then changes their mind mid-semester we can transfer funds then, but please try to determine this at the beginning of the term. The DSB uses these funds to supply inks, papers, and maintenance tanks and needs to receive the bulk of the fees at the beginning of the term.

Can I bring my classes into the DSB when the DSB supervisors are not there or during closed hours?
No, there is no after-hours access. Classes are allowed in the DSB only during regular open lab hours when the supervisors and monitors are present.

Can I bring my class in last-minute for a demo?
No. Please arrange times for in-class demos with Caroline Houdek ( with at least 48 hours notice, but preferably at the beginning of the semester so we can avoid conflicts with other class demos. We expect instructors will want to teach the demos themselves to their students.

Do students have to pay for test strips?
Normally no, but if a student makes excessive test strips then they will be charged the regular persquare-footage rate for the extras. All test prints and contact prints must be paid for.

Will the DSB supervisors print or prepare my files for me or my students?
No. Users must prepare their own digital files (off site) and be familiar with resolution, color profiles, and Photo Shop. The staff will assist new users and help with any problems along the way, but they are not there to print files for others. Their first priority is to help the students learn the equipment.

Can students print whatever they want on the experimental printer?
No, there are limits even on this printer. Students cannot run wet media through the experimental printer, including wet-coated papers and surfaces and prints with wet inks on them. Newsprint should also not be used even on these printers as the fibers clog the ink nozzles too badly.

Do students have to pay for prints that don't turn out well when using the experimental printer?
Yes, students must pay for all prints on these machines. The DSB supervisors maintain the
experimental printer in the best shape they can, but due to the unregulated use of materials we cannot guarantee accurate color results, adequate paper feeding, or printing with uncoated media. Please discuss with your students the experimental nature of the process so that they fully understand the additional costs for using this printer. Send any tips you have for getting good results.

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