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I have been doing a lot of thinking over the past week since watching "The Ad and the Ego." And the more I think about it, the angrier I get. It really got me thinking and noticing a lot of things I previously had either ignored, or just not noticed.

I personally have multiple friends who have struggled with eating disorders. In our current society, we have an epidemic of eating disorders. Girls (some boys as well) who from a very young age believe they are not good enough, that they don't look good enough. And this comes from everything they see in the media around them. What is really healthy, looks wrong to them. And this carries over into adulthood for many people. I have personally seen this image of "beauty" destroy people.

"The Ad and the Ego" talks about how advertising's only goal is to sell you stuff. And how do they do this? By making you feel not good enough of course. Even when they are not directly saying you need to fix something, they are basically saying, you have to have whatever they are selling to be happy or feel better. They want you to feel bad about yourself, not just mentally and emotionally, but physically as well.

Every society has had a standard of beauty. It seems to be human nature. And there really is nothing wrong with that. It is just the way it is. But our society has a standard of beauty based on nothing deeper than to make you feel bad about yourself so you will buy more things.

Standards of beauty should be based on what is healthy. We need to help young girls realize that there are many different ways to be beautiful. Instead, we just continue to advertise products and make everyone feel bad about themselves. Advertising tries to crush you and wants you to think you aren't happy. You have to have the latest thing. You have to have the newest beauty implements. You have to have the latest weight loss drug. You can't be happy without them. Nothing in your life will go right without them. Your love life will fail, you won't be able to do your job, your parents will stop loving you.

I just wonder, who first thought this was a good idea? Why did they think it was okay to do this to people?

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I am with you on that one! Getting angry about all of the images or stereotypes that media and in particular, the buzzing from everywhere ads imply and influence in such a malicious way, the young generation, which is more prone than the rest, to fall under that! Your reflections remind me of the movie I saw lately, called "The Joneses", which represents exactly, your same ideas and visions on the matter- how the latests gadgets advertized can ruin our lives! Have you seen it?

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