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Vote 0 Votes recently reported that three Tibetans set themselves on fire in protest of the Chinese rule over Tibet. The Tibetans have always protested the Chinese rule of their land, usually with peaceful protests but in recent years it has escalated to these self-immolations. "The unrest has been fueled in part by reports of a spring of self-immolations by Tibetans over the past year amid anger and despair over Chinese rule" ( Tibet was a peaceful country ruled by the Dalai Lama until in 1950 when the Chinese invaded Tibet took control of the country and forced the Dalai Lama to flee the country. Ever since then Tibet has been a country of unrest. "The Chinese authorities have also introduced policies by which the unique culture, language, and natural resources of Tibet are being systematically and irrevocably eroded" ( The Chinese government does not have the interest of the Tibetan people at heart they just want to use to Tibet's resources to gain wealth. There is a great deal of human right violations that are going on in Tibet, torture on political prisoners, restrictions on religious practice and cultural traditions, lack of freedom of information. These violations need to be stop and that is the Free Tibet Campaign was started. Free Tibet is about trying to get the Chinese government to leave Tibet and let the Tibetans run their own country but Free Tibet realizes that making the Chinese government leave is a long process, so they also focus on trying to help the people get the human rights they deserve. There are many ways that people can help the Free Tibet Campaign, they can donate money, purchase merchandise from their online store, contact their Chinese embassy and tell them to take actions to stop the killing in Tibet, sign a petition to save political prisoners, or people could take part in the Urgent Action Campaign.
I think that freeing Tibet from Chinese rule is an important issue that more people should be aware of. The general public knows that Africa is serious unrest happening within its borders but not many people know about Tibet and all thought Tibet does not have the atrocities as Africa does it is still a country that needs help. Tibet has the ability to be a country that could reduce its unrest if only the Chinese government would give up its power over Tibet. Tibet has a political figure that is willing and ready to take over once the Chinese are gone and the people of Tibet actually want that political figure to take over. It would be a relatively easy transition from Chinese rule back to the Dalai Lama rule. They only thing that is stopping Tibet from being a place that does not have unrest is the Chinese and if the world powers decided it was a cause worth fighting for they could force the Chinese out of Tibet, but sadly Tibet has no oil so it is up to people around the world to convince their countries to take action. People need to force their government to see that Tibet, like Africa, is an issue that people are concerned about. Tibet is a country that has hope and could have a bright future it just needs your support, whether it be talking to other about the Free Tibet Campaign, or buying a Free Tibet sticker. Every little bit counts.

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