Super Bowl Ads

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I found it interesting that a few people posted noticing a theme in the super bowl ads last night. Most people just mindlessly watch, and laugh at the ads that are crude, simple, impossible but never really stop to analyze them, and think of what we are consciously and subconsciously being exposed to. Especially when the audience is so large as the one in the United States who watch the super bowl. In one of my other classes this morning, we watched a super bowl ad that associated sexuality of an exotic woman with a new foreign car that was coming out, thus making people associate the positive feeling of arousal with this type of car. This is a classic example of a commonly used marketing tactic in the United States. Sex sells, right? This directly ties with "The Ad and the Ego" video we watched in class, and the example they used of the fish paying attention to the water they are in. In class we talked about what that might mean, and I disagreed with the couple ideas that were presented in class. I thought it meant that we are the fish, and the water is just our environment in general. We need to pay attention to our environment in many ways, like what we are exposed to on a daily basis through ads, along with countless other harmful things that come our way. Although most of the super bowl ads were harmless and meant to be funny, it is interesting to stop and take a look at what is really going on in front of us, and what tactics are they using at the same time to influence us into buying/using their product/service. It is all for a larger agenda than what we can directly see. Another product of our capitalist society.

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I always thought that ads aimed to raise people's awareness about a certain issue, are best to be broadcasted during the Super Bowl, because its watched by soo many ppl. But after all, is there any sense in this? For, after all, people would just wait for the game to start again, rather than to pay attention to ads. Van

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