The Ad and the Ego

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This movie was extremely interesting and eye opening to me. Thinking about how much advertising goes into a single product is mind boggling. It made me think about the first week of class when we were talking about all the wealth in the world and looking at how much poverty there is. As I found on the website, More than $500 billion a year is spent on advertising worldwide. If only we could put that money to better use. We could solve so much of the poverty problems in the world today. For businesses to survive today they do need a lot of advertising to get people to want to buy their stuff, however if they all worked together to cut out half of their advertisements and donate that money to helping poverty all over the world, I think it would solve so many problems. Obviously this is easier said than done and it most likely will never happen because corporations main goal is to sell their products but could there possibly be something that we could do to help this? If we don't buy the stuff being advertised they might not think they are advertising enough so they will do it more, however if we do buy it, it will just increase their surplus and they will keep doing what they are doing and get bigger. There are a lot of interesting facts and statistics on this, As I was looking for more information about advertising and the money the corporations spend on it, I caught myself looking at all the adds that are on the internet. Which brings me to my next point. We can't get away from them. In the movie it told us that we are constantly surrounded by them and that we don't even realize they are around us any more or how much they affect us. I never realized how true that actually is. I was with my little cousin over Christmas break and he was telling me how he got a new bottle of axe body wash for Christmas, he then added that it helps him "get the girls" (he is in 2nd grade). We are all affected by adds whether we admit it or not. This site ( talks about the advertising that goes on in Times Square, which is one of the most opportunistic places to have an ad. If you look at the third bullet down from the top it tells you all the different kind of advertisement opportunities there are. Although Times Square makes it visible and obvious that there are a ton of ads going on there, if you spread all those out I'm sure we see that many and probably more in just one day of walking around the halls of UMD or driving around town.
What do you think about when you think of all the money we spend on ads every year? Do you think we could possibly make a difference in that amount? maybe put it toward a better cause? How are you affected by the ads around you? Do you even notice them anymore?


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I really enjoyed reading your post. I wanted to answer your reflective answers, if you don't mind. I don't really think we are capable of making a difference in the amount of ads money is spent on each year.
For consideration, I'm watching the Superbowl JUST to see the new creative ads they have created - in other words for entertainment purposes. However, I'm consciously viewing these and this is what the video mentioned we must do to help eliminate the power they hold over our thoughts and values.
I DO notice them. As a journalism major and an employer at a TV station, I am completely surrounded by advertisements. I think I'm affected by them, but I really only buy things when I need something. But, I'm sure one way or another I have bought something because I knew I saw some famous person endorsing it.

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