The Unconscious Persuasion

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As a journalism student pursuing a career in public relations and hopefully some day advertising I really enjoyed The Ad and the Ego. The video was very dated, yet as David Syring mentioned we still have the same ideas about it today.
Advertising is a strange thing and it truly fascinates me knowing such a thing can persuade someone to buy into something "unconsciously." I'm not saying that I believe the messages are okay, but the fact that something like advertising is so powerful, I'm almost afraid to see what it will evolve into once we're all technologically sound. I feel as if the analogy of the fish realizing it is in water was a great way to put the impact advertisements have on us humans.
We can't get away from ads and we all know they will only find more places to put them. I can't even play a game on my phone without seeing at least 3 ads, as well as being on Facebook. I did notice that there aren't (yet) any ads on Twitter other than the spam I receive when people "mention" me. They catch my attention by thinking that someone out there really wants to connect with me, but then I realize it's a link to a website that I probably shouldn't have let my computer go to.
My favorite are the ones I get in the mail with a car key and it tells me I could be a winner of a car, I just have to go see if my key is the winner. We all know it isn't a real key and the keys are all the same. Advertisements are really crazy, and I plan to some day study the psychological effect it has on humans. I believe that could be a really interesting study, if there isn't already one out there.
I don't believe we will ever see less advertisements, even with the few places that have created no-ad laws in their location. Online websites/newspapers rely on advertisements to keep them running as a business. Relating it back to our larger classroom discussion about capitalism and the idea that everyone just wants to make money. We need to make money in order to survive in our society.
In conclusion to my response to the video, I really enjoyed and agreed with the analogy relating fish realizing the water as to humans realizing the millions of ads. I think advertising will continue to expand and we will easily adapt and continue going through the motions as we do today.

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