Comments Now Enabled!

The good news is that with the help of ¨Shane¨ from UThink support services, the comments on the blog should now be enabled. I simply had the spam filter set too high to accept comments.

So, please feel free to comment on any of the posts that have interested you so far, and on future posts.

The bad news is that in an effort to clear space on my laptop for more photos and recordings, I accidentally deleted the driver fro my SD car reader, and am now not able to move photos from my camera to my laptop (and thence to my USB flashdrive, which I use to bring photos to the Internet place in Saraguro to post to this blog). So, I have tried downloading a driver that I think will get the thing working again, but if it doesn´t work, this blog is going to be a lot less visually interesting for the remainder of my trip, which ends on August 23.

So, comment away, and I hope to get photos up and working again soon--what would a techno-pelli be if he/she didn´t have to contend with technical difficulties caused by the technology (and dumb decisions to delete made too late in the evening!)?


Dear David,

I really enjoyed your advice to a Techno-pelli, I just got off of a month traveling in Guatemala and Mexico, and felt often the conflict between interacting with people as a human and being labeled a "tourist."

I am glad that you have continued to maintain the connection with the community in Saraguro: I want to go back but there are still too many other places that are demanding of my attention... I will hopefully be going to South America in January or February to spend a week in Argentina, scoping out potential schools to teach at.

Talk with you soon!

It is so easy to get drawn into the enchantment and living lore that you write about. Thank You.


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