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Yesterday Anita completed knitting her first sock! The women here knit a lot, but all of the people I´ve asked say they don´t knit socks. I had the pair Mitra made for me before I left with me, and Anita was determined to figure it out. I got a sock pattern from the INternet, but since it was in English ¨knitese¨language, and I don´t knit and my dictionary des not have translations for ¨knit 1, purl 2,¨Anita was mostly on her own. She figured out how to knit in the round on connected needles, how to make the cuff, how to turn the heel and how to finish the toes pretty much simply by looking at Mitra´s example.

The result is not perfect, but she learned the basic and will perfect it, and perhaps a new trend will have begun in craftwork here.

My Sock by Mitra.JPG
Here´s the sock Mitra made, whcih served as a model.

Saraguro Anita's First Sock Closeup.JPG

Here is the sock Anita made following the model (she wanted a shorter sock, without a long length up the calf. She is disatisfied with the color, and wants a more elastic yarn for the future, but she is a wizard with handcrafts and made this as a teaching model for herself.

Saraguro Anita's First Sock Wearing.JPG

And finally, here is the maestra, wearing her first sock creation.

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