Masculine Riders

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How many different kinds of masculinity are represented in this film?

There are numerous kinds of masculinity shown in the film but I for one noticed the badass testosterone part the most, however there was the role of men verse women typical role play of the time also. I first noticed the motorcycles, different for each of the men. One chopper having overly tall handle bars with the American Flag Painted on it, and the other more of a classes Harley style. Their atire one with all black leather and the American flage the other buckskin. All saying I am bad ass with not a care about what anyone thinks, sort of. Although I think thats what they wanted people to see, the I am bad ass. Very Masculine. I also noticed the the difference in the Southern men who were all very similar with short crew hair cuts and sleeves rolled up to show muscles talking smack about the long hair hippie freaks. While the southern women were swooning over these new men. The Southern men were very defensive and horrible to strangers with longer hair that they knew nothing about. There again the trying to be badass masculinity and testosterone. The other type I noticed was the women dont have a huge significance they are here to make babies, cook dinner, tame urges, and take care of the kids..attitude typical of the time and throughout the movie. This was shown all through the movie as the men traveld across the country on their trip.

What is the movie saying about men and masculinity in 1960's America?

I was not sure on this but the parts I picked up go as this:

Men were different in rebellion at the time across the country. These men were rebelling with their long hair from California while men in the South still were stuck in their ways with the short hair and racist old school thoughts. The two characters were not afraid to let strange men cuddle with them on the back of a bike..which now a days would be odd to see to be honest, and yet they never let women on the bikes. They still refered to women as an object more over than a person. It seemed a period of change for both men and women, but still had a very old school atitude devided by old wartorn lines in the country.

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