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Local Activism - #1

Excelsior Energy is planning to build new coal plants with so-called "clean coal technology." Named the Mesaba Energy Project, the federal government has already earmarked lots of dollars, and Governor Pawlenty has pledged to do the same from the Minnesota treasury. CAMP, Citizens Against the Mesaba Project, is the organization formed to stop the project on the grounds that the additional energy is not needed and that "clean" technology is anything but. What tactics does a small but dedicated group of activists use to stop such a juggernaut?


Attorney Carol A. Overland represents local individuals trying to protect their health and property: 612-227-8638
Frank Weber is a concerned Iron Range resident and CAMP member: 218-885-3177
Charlotte Neigh is CAMP Co-Chair: 218-245-1844


There's definitely a big story there, and probably a long-running one, but I'm concerned by the last sentence. We would not be proposing that a newspaper of general interest would be putting together a how-to manual instructing one side of an issue on how to overcome the other side. That would be choosing sides.

(Maybe the editorial board ought to choose that side, if its arguments are proven sound, but not the news writers.)

Or did you mean, what tactics HAVE been used in the past by groups in similar situations? I'll count this, but can you tweak that last sentence a bit? The way it's worded here, it seems strongly suggestive that the reporter sympathizes with the activists and is suggesting that the newspaper should, too, and that the paper even should help them out by researching some effective tactics for them. That would be fine in The Nation, or Pulse, but not in a mainstream paper. Which is our idiom.