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St. Paul Light Rail Line

The reporter for the Star Tribune article "Light rail line costs worry Central Corridor neighbors" uses a delayed lead story style, beginning by setting the scene at a neighborhood forum on a proposed Central Corridor line:

"As a recent conversation at the Rondo Library in St. Paul moved to the proposed Central Corridor light-rail line between the Twin Cities, DonEsther Miller couldn't keep still.

She said some of her older relatives were concerned that construction of the line could repeat what happened years ago when hundreds of black people were moved out of the Rondo neighborhood to make room for Interstate Hwy. 94."

This article mostly covers the citizens concerns stated above, and offers viewpoints from a few different players. It is mentioned in the fifth paragraph that there are (were) meetings scheduled for public discussion, but doesn't let the reader know where those will take place.

A Pioneer Press article on another proposed light rail line in St. Paul, the downtown loop, is handled in a straight inverted pyramid style, but ends by giving the locations and times of light rail forums. This article deals not with conflicts with the public, but with the conflict between the city, which has hired a PR firm to promote the loop plan, and the Met Council, which rejects the city's plan in favor of an earlier(?) plan.

Both articles make use of the same spokesperson (and both writers use the word "spokesMAN") from the Met Council, one of the partners in the respective projects.