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Deadly Job - Story Idea #4

Earlier this month there was an international story about 1,000 journalist being killed on the job in the last 10 years. I didn't see it much in the local or national press. Tuesday night (3/27) Frontline had a piece by a Philipine journalist highlighting some of the more prominent journalist assasinations, such as Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, that was very compelling. While newspapers are cutting down on their foreign coverage, arguments can be made for newspapers recommitting to supporting foreign correspondents on their staff.

A local angle could look at journalists who have worked overseas, not necessarily in war zones, and their thoughts, ideas, fears about relatiation against journalists and why (or whether) the danger is worth it. Students of journalism can also be included in the conversation for a "what am I getting myself into" perspective.

Kevin Diaz, foreign correspondent for Star Tribune and McClathy: kdiaz@mcclatchydc.com
Mark Pedelty, author of "War Stories: The Culture of Foreign Correspondents": (612) 625-6383
Doug McGill, writes about the need for more "glocal" reporting that ties local communities to the broader world: 507-535-0951


You localized it -- good one. Another natural source would be Sharon Schmickle, who worked for the Strib in Iraq and has spoken on the risks of covering traumatic situations: http://www.dartcenter.org/articles/special_features/reporting_war.html
The DART Center web site has other stuff that might interest you.
Directly relevant, and whom you may already heard of:
The Committee for the Protection of Journalists:
And Reporters Without Borders.