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Proposed Viking Stadium

"Area by Metrodome would have whole new look" in the Star Tribune Thursday briefly describes the design for a new Vikings stadium commissioned by the Metopolitan Sports Facilities Commission. The article is accompanyed by a video tour of a 3-D mock-up of the site. The reporter doesn't say that funding for the stadium hasn't yet been discussed until paragraph 10: "The big caveat: Who pays for all of this?"

The Strib's story is told from the perspective of the Commission, whereas a Pioneer Press article adds the perspective of the city council president, the chairman of the Senate Taxes Committee and a community leader.

The Pioneer Press's "Minneapolis Downtown/Post-Dome possibilities offered" is more balanced and starts talking money by the third graph: "But finding money for a football stadium that might cost more than $900 million may be the biggest obstacle."

The reporter emphases that the plan is in the dream phase, that funding hasn't been identified, which I believe readers are most interested in.

It may be too late this year, too. State Sen. Tom Bakk, chairman of the Senate Taxes Committee, said no one has introduced a Vikings stadium bill.

"The timing is such that it's pretty unlikely that it could happen," he said. "But I'm interested in seeing what the proposal is and seeing if there's any public support for it."

David Fields, community development coordinator for Elliot Park Neighborhood Inc., said he saw a preliminary version of the plans earlier this year and was impressed with Roma's vision.

"The whole idea of the new stadium is to have a much more positive and regenerative impact on the neighborhood," he said.

Of course, officials said the Metrodome would do the same thing when it was built 25 years ago - and that never happened.

Still, today's event will be "a presentation of the possible," Lucas said. "It's a very exciting vision to get the ball rolling."