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Chateau du Gros Chesnay

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Frenchman Alain Passard, according to the Australian, bought the Chateau du Gros Chesnay a few years ago through a unique French process.

The process is when a younger person buys the property of an older person when that older individual is still alive, reported the Australian.

Francemag said that Passard grows produce on the Chateau with no chemicals and no mechanical machinery.

According to the Australian, Passard bought the Chateau from a French grande dame who is happy tending to the house while Passard works on the grounds.

Passard grows produce to supply a restaurant and said that he learned the importance of his techniques from his grandmother, reported Francemag.

He enjoys observing his garden and has made quite an agreeable living from doing what he loves.

Alice Sara Ott

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Alice Sara Ott, a 23-year-old German-Japanese woman, is feeling the pressures of early success, according to the Telegraph.

Ott is a pianist who is considered one of the best interpreters of Chopin, even at such a young age, reported the Telegraph.

The young pianist is happy with her success, but doesn't want to have burn-out syndrome, reported Zimbio magazine.

The Telegraph reported that she has won several awards since becoming a pianist, and is currently on an international concert tour.

She has been self-motivated to learn the piano since the age of five and has succeeded every since, said the Telegraph.


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Kolkata is India's cultural bedrock, according to the New York Times.

The Times reported that although Kolkata is filled with slums and endless traffic, it is also responsible for some of India's greatest writers, thinkers, artists and filmmakers.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that Kolkata is one of the cities in India that attracts quite a bit of attention from cricket fans.

Kolkata is a city that takes a while to get used to, according to the New York Times, but once travelers do so, they find that they grow affectionate for the place.

Travelers can find talkative strangers, tiny bookstores and other unique aspects that will make them fall in love with the city, said the New York Times.

The Library

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The Library bar in Dinkytown is your cliche college campus bar, according to the Minnesota Daily.

The Library bar, located off of Fourth Street on the edge of Dinkytown, attracts a lot of attention from college students looking for cheap drinks and loud music, reported the Daily. reported that the Library bar is usually full of "party animals of the fratty type".

While some students are all about this type of atmospere, the Daily reported that not everyone was smiling at the Dinkytown hot spot.

"There are too many bros here. And all the music sucks," University of Minnesota student Jennifer Maes told the Daily. "I get why people come here, but I can't stand it."

Amsterdam Bar and Hall

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A new music venue that also doubles as a restaurant has been attracting a lot of attention from the indie rock crowd in St. Paul, according to the City Pages.

The new music venue is called the Amsterdam Bar and Hall, and its restaurant menu includes a variety of unique foods, reported City Pages.

The owners of the joint pulled inspiration from the city of Amsterdam's flag, which displays three red X's, a theme which is seen throughout the new club in St. Paul.

According to the Star Tribune, the Amsterdam Bar and Hall had a good turnout on its opening night.

They reported that St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman was also there celebrating his birthday, which was a good sign for the city's addition because he'll likely keep them around.

Majority of Greeks back their new prime minister

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A majority of Greeks strongly support Lucas Papademos as their new technocrat prime minister and his three-party coalition government, according to four opinion polls, the English News reported.

The survey was carried out by MRB for Real News, and 75 percent of participants said they approved of the appointment of their new prime minister.

According to the Ekathimerini News, Papademos took over as head of Greece's crisis coalition government for George Papandreou.

Six out of ten respondents supported the formation of a new unity government after the elections due in February, since no party is expected to win a strong parliamentary majority, reported the English News.

Questions for Rupert Murdoch

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Readers surveyed about Rupert Murdoch were most interested in hearing what he had to say about the payments made by News Group to settle legal actions in July 2009, according to a poll carried out by The Guardian.

Out of 27 questions listed as potential options for Murdoch, 7.1 percent of readers were most interested in hearing what he had to say about the payments.

The Daily Mail reported that the details of the payments from Murdoch's media company were found by detectives probing phone hacking at the News of the World.

In response to the claims about the payments, Murdoch insisted that he had no idea about it. He said that he would have known about it if it had happened, reported The Guardian.

The Guardian reported that the question that readers were most interested to hear about from Murdoch after the payment ordeal was, "How could a company which obstructs the police and misleads Parliament and regulators be considered a fit and proper company to run a media organisation?", at 5.8%.

The questions were posted to create a shortlist for a committee later in the week for Murdoch to address and answer.

Alternative Energy Funding Poll

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A majority of the public still supports government funding for alternative energy research, according to a new study conducted by the Pew Research Center, reported the Huffington Post.

The survey revealed that the amount of Americans who favor government funding for alternative energy has decreased since 2006. In that year, 82 percent of Americans favored funding, but five years later, just 68 percent favored it.

The Denver Post
reported that support for funding has dropped to 53 percent among Republicans, which is 30 percentage points lower than Democratic backing. Democratic support remains over 80 percent.

The Huffington Post also reported that the degree of enthusiasm for alternative energy funding has decreased substantially since President Barack Obama took office.

Ban on gay marriage poll

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Marginally more Minnesotans oppose rather than support next year's constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, according to a recent statewide poll by St. Cloud State University, reported the Pioneer Press.

The survey showed that 47 percent of people polled do not support defining marriage as between one man and one woman, while 44 percent support the proposal.

Kare 11 reported that the issue will be on the 2012 ballot, which was decided after an intense six-hour debate.

The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points and surveyed 626 randomly selected Minnesota residents by phone.

The survey also reported several results about peoples' perceptions about Barack Obama's performance thus far and about their predictions for the next presidential election.

Minnesota Poll: Blended solution has support

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Many Minnesotans would like to balance the state's budget with a combination of tax hikes and spending reductions, according to a new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll.

The state budget deficit has been a particularly prevalent problem since the government shutdown last summer, reported My Fox 9, after Gov. Mark Dayton didn't pass a budget before the July 1 deadline.

According to the poll, 63 percent of people surveyed said they prefer a mixture of higher taxes and service reductions to balance the $5 billion projected deficit for the budget, while only 27 percent say they want to do so just through cuts.

The survey results were based on 565 landline and 241 cellphone interviews conducted May 2-5.

Australian actor dies

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A desert Aborigine actor from Australia died in July of 2011, leaving behind memories of a happy life and fulfilling acting career.

The Australian reported about the sorrow of his foster parents, Derek and Amy Sloan, at losing David Ngoombujarra at the young age of 44.

The Sloans adopted Ngoombujarra into their Perth home when he was just a baby. They also had two daughters, who said their brother was a born entertainer, said The Australian.

According to CBC News, Ngoombujarra was found in a park and died in a hospital in Fremantle, near Perth on Australia's west coast. The cause of death was undetermined.

Ngoombujarra is most famous for his performance in the movie Australia with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.

CBC News reported that Ngoombujarra was a member of Australia's Stolen Generation -- young indigenous children taken from their parents to be educated in white schools.

Jackman told CBC News that Ngoombujarra was "an extraordinary man, actor and friend" whose "laugh, warmth and humanity will live on with all who knew him."

Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize winner dies

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The first African woman recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, Wangari Maathai, died in late September of this year at age 71 after a long battle with cancer.

According to the Guardian, Maathai was sent to a primary school run by Italian nuns when she was young to study. She excelled in the school and eventually got a scholarship to study in the United States.

Maathai said her success was due entirely to her closeness with nature. She lived in the central highlands of Kenya with her family and was surrounded by nature.

The Guardian reported that Maathai saw the destruction of the environment throughout her life in Kenya and worked hard to protect it.

The Feminist Wire reported that Maathai founded the Green Belt Movement in 1977, one of the most prominent transnational environmental groups in the world today.

The Green Belt Movement, The Feminist Wire said, provides financial incentives for women to plant and nurture native species of trees. Since it was founded, the movement was responsible for planting more than 30 million trees in Africa.

Maathai influenced countless people to become active with environmental issues and her legacy will not be forgotten.

Andy Rooney dies at 92

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Former 60 Minutes commentator Andy Rooney died at the age of 92 on Nov. 4.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Rooney died at a New York City hospital due to complications after a minor surgery.

A man who TV Guide called "America's favorite grump" worked for 60 Minutes as the closing essayist for 33 years.

USA Today reported that Rooney was a former war correspondent, wrote 16 books, and also wrote a syndicated newspaper column.

Rooney was a man who always said what was on his mind and who won the hearts of American television viewers.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Rooney is survived by his four children, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Blogger Karl Bremer

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58-year-old Karl Bremer has become a very popular anti-Michele Bachmann blogger over the past few years, according to the Pioneer Press.

The Stillwater native has opposed Bachmann since her term as a conservative state representative and has found all sorts of new fuel against her now that she's running as a Republican presidential candidate.

Bremer gets material from events like the Palin-Bachmann rally in Minneapolis in November of 2010, reported by the Minnesota Daily.

Bremer told the Pioneer Press that he believes Bachmann will drop out of the race after the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3.

Back in 2010, the Daily reported about how Bachmann focused on repealing health care reform. These are the kinds of things that Bremer uses in his anti-Bachmann blogs.

He told the Pioneer Press that he would like to stop writing about Bachmann, but that it has been enjoyable and amusing.

Joe Mauer

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Joe Mauer isn't your typical professional athlete.

The Star Tribune reported that the Twins baseball player is a friendly, down-to-earth young man who is enjoying playing ball professionally in the same state where he grew up.

The City Pages voted him Best Twins Player and reported that the hometown hero has received awards like the Silver Slugger and the Golden Glove, even as the catcher on the team.

Mauer attended Cretin High School in St. Paul as a teenager where he played football, basketball and baseball and was eventually signed to the Twins.

The Star Tribune said that Mauer enjoys spending time with his friends and family in a cabin up north when he isn't in his St. Paul condo.

For now, he is focusing on improving his game and trying to remain under the radar as he gains popularity among baseball fans.

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