School rejects student due to HIV

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Pennsylvania's Milton Hershey School recently rejected entry to a student because of the fact that he was HIV positive, according to CNN.

The circumstances of this situation were ironic, given that the school's decision was made during the week of World Aids Day and because the school was founded over 100 years ago for the purpose of providing education to disadvantaged students.

The denied student, who wished not to show his face on the broadcast, said he was put under emotional stress because of this and wished that no other teenager would have to go through something similar.

The Aids Law Project of Pennsylvania filed suit on the student's behalf, claiming that the Hershey School violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, reported CNN.

The school believed that they made the right choice because they felt the student would prove to be a direct threat to the health of others, saying that he might engage in sexual intercourse with fellow students.

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