Analysis: Coach Jerry Kill's seizure after Gophers' loss

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In the article published by the Pioneer Press, the author, Marcus Fuller, uses a variety of sources. Fuller names a total of three sources. The University of Minnesota press release is the first source. The press release gives specific details about the timing and location of the seizure, the current status of Jerry Kill, and when future information will be provided. This source is used toward the beginning of the article and is attributed well.
The second named source is Dr. Thaddeus Walczak who Fuller reports is a neurologist for the Minnesota Comprehensive Epilepsy Program. This source gives background information on seizures and relates it to coach Kill's condition. Walczak does not appear to work directly with Kill, but he was able to provide information to help the general public understand the situation. Fuller sets up the attribution before providing a quote from Walczak. Attribution preceding the the quote is effective for his credentials help assure readers that Walczak is credible.
Jerry Kill is the third named source. Kill's words from the press conference preceding his seizure were used in the article. The quote discusses the Gophers' loss to Northwestern. The attribution is in the middle of the quote and is effective for readers already know who Kill is.
Fuller spaces out the named sources throughout the whole story. The press release is at the very beginning of the story. Walczak is used multiple times in the middle of the story. Kill's quotes are the very last lines of the story.
Fuller's use of sources helps give the story credibility and reliability.

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