Analysis: Lance Armstrong loses sponsorships

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The Wall Street Journal article "Nike Drops Lance Armstrong," by Vanessa O'Connell and Reed Albergotti, discusses various sponsors dropping Lance Armstrong after alleged reports Armstrong doped during his past cycling career.
The article begins by addressing the title and Nike dropping Lance Armstrong from their sponsorship. The article then moves on to report on the resignation of Armstrong as chairman of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The press release is found on the foundation's website. The article then addresses RadioShack's decision to cut ties with Armstrong. Following this, the reporters give background on the reports of Armstrong's alleged doping.
The progression does not follow a logical progression. The title of the article is under inclusive as well. The article would be stronger if it followed a more logical progression.
The beginning of the article is strong. The allegations of doping should be further up in the article. Many readers may not have been aware of the allegations, thus unaware of the reasons companies are dropping Armstrong. After the background, RadioShack cutting ties with Armstrong would have been logical. Finally, Armstrong stepping down from his foundation would be best to close off. This would be a more logical progression in my mind.

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A fairly good analytical effort, Danielle. You might want to do a little less of reciting the exact order of content and spend a tad more time arguing why you would make certain changes.

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