Analysis: Multimedia content on P.O.S. tour cancellation

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In comparing two news organizations, a variety of similarities and differences came about in the announcement of rapper P.O.S. cancelling his music tour due to issues with his kidneys. Kare 11 and the Pioneer Press covered the story in different ways.
Kare 11, a news organization that is on television as well as an organization that posts their news online, posted a video to complement the news story. The article that was posted under the news clip contained nearly the same content as the clip. The clip, along with the words in the article, had a very emotional tone to the story. Readers and viewers are meant to feel sympathetic for the rapper and what he is dealing with. The clip also features video of the interview with the rapper. Viewers are able to see his emotions. This complements the article in a way to provide more emotion to the article than just reading it would have.
The Pioneer Press, a newspaper organization that also posts their content online, had a very different approach. The article was printed in their newspaper and then online. A visual clip did not accompany the article. No pictures were associated with the article. The article was about providing facts on the story. An emotional approach was not taken. The approach was strictly factual.

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