Hurdler Lolo Jones earns a spot on the U.S. bobsled team

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Lolo Jones was one of 24 athletes names to the United States bobsled team on Thursday in Lake Placid, N.Y., the Los Angeles Times said.
Jones is one of two athletes to make the teams who competed at the London Olympics in track and field, the Washington Post said.
Jones now has the chance to compete at the World Cup in order to earn her official spot to compete for the United States at the Sochi Olympics in the winter of 2014, the Los Angeles Times said. Tianna Madison, the other track and field Olympic athlete to make the team, will compete alongside Jones at the World Cup on Nov. 8, the Washington Post said.
Todd Hays, women's bobsled coach, invited Jones and Madison to compete for a spot on the team as push athletes, the Los Angeles Times said. Their job is to push the sled down the chute before jumping on the sled, the Los Angeles Times said.
Jones had a tough time at the London Olympics. She finished fourth in the 100-meter hurdles in London, the Los Angeles Times said. Bobsledding is a breath of fresh air for the athlete.
"I just came out here and kind of needed to get away from track for a bit, kind of wanted to get some motivation," Jones said, as reported in the Los Angeles Times.
Other athletes still need to compete for the spot as push athlete, so there is no guarantee Jones will make the team, the Los Angeles Times said.

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