Identification card for illegal immigrants living in Los Angeles a possibility

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Support for identification cards for illegal immigrants residing in the Los Angeles community is growing, according to the Los Angeles Times.
According to the New York Times, the goal of issuing the identification cards is to allow illegal immigrants to open bank accounts and access certain services.
A City Council committee unanimously approved the plan that would allow private companies to create identification cards for illegal immigrants reports the New York Times. According to the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles residents would not incur the fees for the plan. The private companies would charge $10 to $20 for each card.
According to the New York Times, New Haven was the first city to issue identification cards to illegal immigrants. Oakland and San Francisco followed suit. Los Angeles would be the largest city to allow for such identification cards.
The identification card would function as a debit card reports the Los Angeles Times. Card holders would be able to make purchases from the card, load it with money, and make reservations with the card.
While the identification card would be acceptable at many places, including banks, it would up to the Los Angeles Police Department whether the card would be an acceptable form of identification according to the Los Angeles Times.
The New York Times reports that many illegal immigrants carry around large sums of money. This identification card would allow them to put the money in a safe place, lowering their chances of being victims of robberies.
Support of this identification card is widespread, but many do not share the sentiment.
Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, opposed the plan in the New York Times.
"This city has bent over backwards to accommodate people who are in this country illegally," Mehlman said. "If Los Angeles is going to be issuing government IDs, how do they know these people's true identities? They could be helping people establish a false identity."

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