New England braces for Hurricane Sandy

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Predicted to be the worst storm in a generation to hit the Eastern Seaboard, 50 million people could likely be affected by a rare giant storm led by Hurricane Sandy, the Star Tribune said.
Residents of several states are being urged by governors to move inland in preparation for the storm, said Kare 11.
The storm will likely create torrential rainfall and damaging winds over the course of several days, the Pioneer Press said. Waves may reach as high as 30 feet. The peak of the storm will arrive Monday or Tuesday, the Pioneer Press said. 50 mph winds are possible, Kare 11 said.
Hurricane Sandy is not the only storm that is causing concern. Hurricane Sandy is expected to collide with two winter storms that could potentially create one large storm, Kare 11 said. The storms, moving from the west of the United States, could pull in Hurricane Sandy and give it energy, the Star Tribune said. These storms could dump several feet of snow inland, the Star Tribune said.
Transportation is likely to be affected. New York City is considering shutting down public transportation, Kare 11 said.
As reported in the Star Tribune, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned residents of the upcoming storm. "This is a large, unpredictable storm, so be prepared for possible outages," he said.

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