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Analysis: Obama pressures Congress to reach deal on debt

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Obama held an event today on the White House grounds to pressure Congress to avoid the fiscal cliff, the San Francisco Chronicle said.
The report not only talked about Obama's event, but the event where John Boehner spoke as well.
The article goes beyond simply transcribing the speech by providing background information on why the events were taking place. The reported also provided information on how reporters were solicited to the event.
The report chronicles Obama's plan to lower the National debt, along with the current status of Congress' acceptance of the plan.
The reporter also interviews prominent politicians for their opinions and viewpoints on the topic.
The report goes above and beyond simply reporting on the various speeches. Background information and commentary is pepper throughout the report to provide complete understanding for readers who are not fully up to date on the subject.

A New York University student accidentally replied-all in an email to 40,000 students, which created the "Reply-Allpocalypse" on Monday night, the Huffington Post said.
Max Wiseltier, a sophomore at NYU, was trying to forward an email from the Bursar's office when he accidentally hit "reply to all," Yahoo News said. The email was sent to 39,979 students, the Huffington Post said.
Wiseltier immediately sent out an apology email explaining he accidentally hit "reply to all," which only furthered the "Reply-Allpocalypse." Almost 40,000 students realized they were able to send out mass emails, the Huffington Post said.
"We simultaneously realized that any message, complaint, whim, link, video, or GIF could be sent to nearly 40,000 people in an instant," Kelly Weill wrote in an NYU student newspaper, as reported in Yahoo News.
Thousands of students reportedly started sending mass emails, Yahoo News said. Popular emails included a picture of Nicholas Cage, and various questions posed to students, the Huffington Post said.
"Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck?" asked one student, as reported in Yahoo News.
"According to NYU Local's Ben Zweig, Reply-Allpocalypse occurred because several NYU departments still rely an 'older, discussion-based ListManager program,' which sends mass emails, 'but allows discussions (in the form of reply-alls), unless the settings are adjusted,'" the Huffington Post said.
The issue has since been resolved and students can no longer send out these mass emails, the Huffington Post said.
David Vogelsang of NYU's Student Resource Center announced in an email that he has the account that started the "Reply-Allpocalypse" has been deleted, the Huffington Post said.
"I'm the culprit behind the Lyris blunder," Vogelsang said. "I was assisting the Bursar with an email message and in populating one of the SRC Listserves did not realize the list I was using was one that allowed for responses," he said, as reported in the Huffington Post.
"I take full responsibility for this blunder and offer my sincere apologies for the frustrating situation that was created," Vogelsang said, as reported on Yahoo News.

Vikings' Smith and Rudolph cleared from concussions

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Vikings' head coach Leslie Frazier announced Tuesday two key starters have been medically cleared to practice after both receiving concussions on Sunday, the Star Tribune said.
Tight end Kyle Rudolph and free safety Harrison Smith each received concussions while playing against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in Chicago Nov. 25, the Pioneer Press said. Rudolph may not practice due to a shoulder strain he has been dealing with, Frazier said as reported in the Star Tribune. Both players are expected to play in Sunday's game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, the Pioneer Press said.
"To know that Kyle and Harrison have been cleared, that's a big deal because they are two keys to our football team," Frazier said, as reported in the Pioneer Press.
Receiver Percy Harvin sprained his ankle Nov. 4 and has not played a game since. He will be testing his ankle in practice today, the Star Tribune said. It is unclear whether he will be able to play in Sunday's game, the Pioneer Press said.
"Percy is going to try and see what he can do and then we'll get a better gauge [on his status for Sunday's game at Green Bay] post-practice," Frazier said as reported in the Star Tribune.
Harvin ran drills on Tuesday, but was not fully functioning, the Pioneer Press said.
"[T]he fact that Percy is going to attempt to do something today, that's encouraging. It's just a matter of how far he can go," Frazier said as reported in the Star Tribune.
Running back Adrian Peterson, dealing with a shoulder strain, will participate in practice, but plans on taking it easy, the Star Tribune said.
The Vikings', who are 6-5, embark on their toughest lineup of the year. Their game against the Packers could weaken or strengthen their playoff chances, the Pioneer Press said. The Vikings trail Green Bay by one game in the NFC North, but they are 1-5 on the road. The Vikings have lost nine of their last 12 games against the Packers, the Pioneer Press said.
Quarterback Christian Ponder has faith in the team.
"We're 6-5, sitting in a great position, going into one of the biggest games of the year. We're ready. I think it's a lot easier to focus this week than it has been any other week. We know how good an opponent this is and what this game means," Ponder said as reported in the Pioneer Press.

Stolen items found in shooting victims' car

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A car believed to belong to the Little Falls' teens who were shot to death Thanksgiving Day was found to contain burglarized items, including prescription drugs, the Pioneer Press said.
Haile Kifer, 17, and Nicholas Brady, 18, cousins who were shot repeatedly, and eventually died, in the home of Byron Smith, of Little Falls after they allegedly broke into his house and encountered him in his basement, the St. Cloud Times said. Smith is charged with two counts of second-degree murder, the Pioneer press said.
Today, Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel said the red Mitsubishi Eclipse seized after the shooting of Kifer and Brady contained items reported stolen from an earlier burglary south of Little Falls, the St. Cloud Times said.
Morrison county deputies were in contact with Brady on Nov. 21 around 9:25 p.m. after a homeowner reported a suspicious vehicle parked on Hilton Road in Little Falls Township, the St. Cloud Times said.
Brady told deputies he and Kifer ran out of gas, and Kifer left to get gas, the Pioneer Press said. Deputies gave Brady a ride to Little Falls, leaving the car on Hilton Road near the residence of Richard Johnson, the St. Cloud Times said.
Johnson reported a burglary on Sunday after he had been out of town for over a week, the Pioneer Press said. Six bottles of prescriptions were reported missing, the St. Cloud Times said. The prescriptions bottles found in the Mitsubishi Eclipse were in Johnson's name, the St. Cloud Times said.
Wetzel said authorities are still looking into the shooting and the possible connection of the burglaries, the St. Cloud Times said.

Obama shops on "Small Business Saturday"

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President Obama shopped at a local small bookstore to promote Small Business Saturday, the Christian Science Monitor said.
Obama's daughters Sasha and Malia joined the President at One More Page Books in Arlington, Va., the Christian Science Monitor said.
Small Business Saturday, an alternative to Black Friday, was created in 2010 by American Express to promote small business, CBS News said. Last year, approximately 100 million people participated in Small Business Saturday, the Christian Science Monitor said.
This is the second year Obama has participated in the Saturday event, CBS News said. Last year, the President shopped at Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe. He purchased eight books that year, the Christian Science Monitor said.
This year, the President consulted his Blackberry, then purchased 15 books before even browsing the store, CBS News said. He claims he came prepared with a list.
"That's how I shop. Michelle, she can go wandering around forever. I like knowing what I'm coming in here for," the President said, as reported in CBS News.
When asked to report on politics, Obama said, "Come on, we're doing Christmas shopping. Happy Thanksgiving, folks," as reported in the Christian Science Monitor.
"Through events such as 'Small Business Saturday,' we keep our local economies strong and help maintain an American economy that can compete and win in the 21st century," Obama said as reported by CBS News.

Fire at German disabled workshop kills 14

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A fire at a workshop for the disabled in Germany killed 14 and injured eight Monday, the Guardian said.
The cause of the fire, which took place in the Black Forest in the town of Titisee-Neustadt near Freiburg in southwest Germany, is still unknown, The Financial Times said. However a German news agency reported an explosion may have occurred in a storage area, the Financial Times said.
The institution, run by the Catholic charity of Caritas, employed 120 mentally or physically disabled workers, the Financial Times said. Employees complete a variety of jobs including metalwork, woodwork and electrical installation, the Guardian said.
Approximately 300 personnel, including firefighters and paramedics, and two helicopters were on the scene to qualm the blaze, the Financial Times said.
"It is devastating. We now have to find out how it happened," Titisee-Neustadt mayor Armin Hinterseh said, as reported in the Guardian.

Analysis: Mexico labor laws

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There are big changes coming for Mexico's labor laws which have not seen changes in 40 years, USA Today said in an article in the St. Cloud Times.
The news story involved Mexico's workers, which is a different cultural group than my own. The story moves beyond the stereotype of Mexicans. In the U.S., many believe Mexicans do all they can to come and live in the U.S. as illegal immigrants. This article breaks that and specifically interviews hard-working Mexican citizens.
The story features quotes from a variety of laborous Mexican workers. The sources of this story include a construction worker, a worker who used to work accounts receivables departments, among other professionals who are knowledgable on the labor laws in Mexico.
Different professors, specialts, and supporters of Mexican labor laws were interviewed and quoted in this story.
The professionals and supports of the Mexican labor laws add credibility and help break down the stereotypes that many believe of Mexican citizens. This article does an excellent job of providing a news story without a lot of bias.

No voters in a Minneapolis precinct

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A computer error resulted in no votes being cast in the Nov. 6 election from Ward 10, Precinct 3B in Minneapolis, the Star Tribune said.
City Clerk Casey Carl said the occurrence was due to the electronic redistricting of the area, therefore the precinct lies underneath the water of Lake Calhoun, United Press International said.
"It's the unintentional result of a programming error made in drawing new ward boundary lines during the redistricting process," Carl said in a email to the Star Tribune.
The Star Tribune noticed the lack of votes in the precinct after the elections. The error was to have been corrected before the elections, but never was, the Star Tribune said.
"So far, no one has been lured to the precinct to cast a vote," United Press International said.

Red Bull Crashed Ice event to return to St. Paul

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St. Paul will again be host to the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championships in late January, the Pioneer Press said.
New details were announced Wednesday regarding the changes from last year's Crashed Ice event, which will include a more challenging course, WCCO said.
The event, which is scheduled for Jan. 24-26, will feature over 200 competitors, WCCO and the Pioneer Press said.
Last year, the event drew in 100,000 spectators, $20 million and national television coverage, WCCO said.
Like last year, the event will start near the cathedral in downtown St. Paul. Competitors start at a ramp 48 feet high, which is 12 feet higher than last year's ramp, WCCO said. The course will lead them down 1,300-foot ice-covered course, in which racers could reach speeds of 40 miles an hour, the Pioneer Press said.
"We wanted to make it more fun for the athletes," Team USA Coach Charlie Wasley said of the taller ramp, as reported in the Pioneer Press.
Athletes come from a variety of backgrounds including hockey, downhill skiing, and speed skating, the Pioneer Press said.
Brian Schack, of Lino Lakes, is a former University of Minnesota Golden Gopher hockey player competing in the event, WCCO said.
"It's fun. I know, we're crazy," Shack said. "You got be athletic, but you also gotta have that little edge of 'I can do this.'"
Red Bull, the sponsor of the event, will be providing shuttles and parking for the event, the Pioneer Press said. The energy drink company also funds extra police coverage of the event, costing St. Paul virtually nothing, the Pioneer Press said.
Mayor Chris Coleman said last year's event of Crashed Ice "was too good not to do again," the Pioneer Press said.

Secession petitions picking up steam

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Approximately 700,000 residents in the U.S. hailing from all 50 states have signed petitions on the White House website to secede from the country to create their own governments as of Wednesday, the Philadelphia Inquirer said.
At least seven petitions have over 25,000 signatures, the Philadelphia Inquirer said. Texas has the most of any state's petition with 99,000 signatures, the Inquirer said.
Upon further review of these petitions, many of the signatures are from residents not even living in the states. Minnesota's petition has signatures from people living all over the U.S.
Many Republican governors are taking a stand against these petitions, the Huffington Post said.
Jennifer Ardis, spokeswoman for Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, spoke of the secession petitions to Alabama Live, as reported in the Huffington Post.
"We can disagree on philosophy, but we should work together to make this country the best it can be," Ardis said.
Conversely, two petitions have been proposed to exile and deport those wishing to secede from the U.S. Those petitions currently have a combined 25,000 total signatures, the Philadelphia Inquirer said.

Poll: 51 percent of Americans support gay marriage

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An ABC News-Washington Post poll shows 51 percent of Americans support marriage equality in the U.S., the Huffington Post said.
The results of this poll come days after Maryland, Maine and Washington approved gay marriage initiatives and Minnesota struck down the proposed marriage amendment which would ban same-sex marriages, The Hill said.
The poll was a survey of 1,023 registered voters polled between Nov. 7 and 11, the Huffington Post said. However, 47 percent of respondents opposed gay marriage, the Huffington Post said.
The findings of the survey show six in 10 young adults and three in four Democrats support gay marriage, The Hill said. However, two in three senior citizens and 81 percent of "very conservative" respondents oppose gay marriage, the Huffington Post said.
Challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as union strictly between one man and one woman, are expected to be heard by the Supreme Court. If the highest court in the U.S. refuses to hear the case, the federal appeals court ruling will stand which would allow gay marriage in California, the Huffington Post said.
Gay marriage is currently legal in nine states and Washington, D.C., the Huffington Post said.

Car bombs in Iraq claim casualties

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A number of car bombs in Iraq Wednesday killed at least 15, injuring dozens more, CNN said.
The attacks that took place in several different cities occurred on the eve of a Muslim festival that marks the start of a new Islamic year, the Chicago Tribune said.
The festival is celebrated and attended by Shiite Muslims who are a prime target of al Qaeda, the Chicago Tribune said.
Three car bombs in the city of Kirkuk, north of Baghdad killed nine, five of whom were Iraqi soldiers, and wounded 31 people, CNN said.
The southern Iraqi city of Hilla, which is predominantly Shiite, had a car bombing that killed five people and injured 12, CNN said.
"A car bomb exploded near a secondary school for girls and a crowded poultry market, leaving [five] dead, including innocent students. It's a real vicious terrorist act," said Hamza Kadhim, a local official in Hilla, as reported in the Chicago Tribune.
Two roadside bombs and one car bomb in Diyala Province targeted the convoy of Gov. Omer Aziz al-Hamri, but he was not hurt in the incident, CNN said. The bombs injured 11, CNN said.
While 150 people died last month in Iraq due to violence, the violence has decreased since the withdrawal of U.S. troops in December 2011, CNN said.

Analysis of numbers: Malaria vaccine a letdown for infants

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The story on the ineffectiveness of a new malaria vaccine was reported in USA Today on Friday.
The story uses numbers in a variety of ways. The first is how the vaccine is only 30 percent effective in infants. Next, the vaccine is half effective in slightly older children, USA Today said. Malaria kills 650,000 people a year. To prove the vaccine is only 30 percent effective, 6,500 infants were used in the study. Severe malaria was decreased by 26 percent in the study. The production and research of the vaccine has an investment of $300 million.
The numbers are spread throughout the story evenly, so the numbers all flow logically and make sense. The one critique is the use of 30 percent throughout the story. This is the main number in the article, but it is used an overwhelming amount of times. Readers understand the vaccine is only 30 percent effective, but it does not need to be said so many times.
It does not appear that any math was completed. The numbers were likely given and reported as facts in the story.
The sources of the numbers are the World Health Organization, "a new study," the New England Journal of Medicine, a press conference presenting the study, Glaxo (the developer of the vaccine), and a variety of groups of scientists and experts in the field.

The pope to join Twitter

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Vatican officials announced Thursday Pope Benedict XVI would have his own Twitter handle by the end of the year, Reuters said.
The pope, 85, first tweeted last year from the Vatican's Twitter account, but this Twitter with be the pope's personal account, Fox News said. This is a very different step for the pope, who is known to be averse to computers, preferring to write his speeches by hand, Reuters said.
The tweets will not be written by the pope himself, but he will sign off on them, Fox News said.
The tweets are expected to contain information from his general weekly homilies, major holiday masses, and responses to major world events or disasters, Reuters said. Since this information will not fit into the 140-character space of Twitter, a url will most likely be provided, Reuters said.
This is all part of a push to have a larger presence in social media, as a Facebook page and a website have also been created, Reuters said.

Man with bionic leg climbs Chicago skyscraper

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A man became the first to ever use a bionic leg to climb up 103 stories to the top of Willis Tower in Chicago Sunday, the Huffington Post said.
Zac Vawter, 31, made history while climbing the stairs in a bionic leg that costs $8 million and weighs about 9 pounds, Time said.
Vawter, who lost his right leg in a 2009 motorcycle accident, is part of research project funded by the U.S. Department of Defense and various other research institutions, the Huffington Post said. The leg is attached at his thigh and is controlled completely by his brain, Time said.
The leg is able to respond to electrical responses in Vawter's brain, which control the two motors in the prosthetic leg, the Huffington Post said.
The climb was part of a fundraising event called "SkyRise Chicago" in which 3,000 others made the climb to raise money for rehabilitation care and research, Time and the Huffington Post said.
Researchers hope to have this mind-controlled prosthetic leg available to the public in the next 10 years, Time said.
Vawter, who resides in Washington, will not get to bring the bionic leg with him, but was pleased with the results.
"Everything went great," said Vawter at the event's end, as reported in the Huffington Post. "The prosthetic leg did its part, and I did my part."

Target Center switches from Ticketmaster to AXS

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The Target Center announced Monday it would be switching ticket provider companies in order to provide lower fees for customers, WCCO said.
AXS, a ticketing service run by AEG Live, will take over for Ticketmaster, the Pioneer Press said. AEG Live currently oversees day-to-day operations at the Target Center, the Pioneer Press said. AXS will begin selling tickets for the Target Center starting Tuesday, WCCO said.
AXS is considered a better alternative because it does not charge customers for printing their tickets at home, which Ticketmaster does, WCCO said.
AXS provides for a lot of new innovations in ticket servicing. Their innovations include a virtual waiting room which allows customer to enter payment information before the tickets go on sale, WCCO said. This can speed up the process of purchasing tickets. Another commodity of AXS is the ability to reserve seats for friends, the Pioneer Press said.
In previous years, many venues have dropped Ticketmaster for alternatives, the Pioneer Press said. However the Xcel Energy Center and Hennepin Theatre Trust still utilize Ticketmaster's services.
The entire move will be complete after One Direction's concert in the summer of 2013, as that will be Ticketmaster's last event at the Target Center, the Pioneer Press said.

Mom leaves baby in car while at a bar

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Police arrested a woman they said left her baby in her car while drinking at a St. Paul bar on Sunday, the Pioneer Press said.
Heather Marie Anderson, 23, reportedly went into El Alamo bar to celebrate her friend's birthday, WCCO said. Witnesses say the bartender told her she could not bring in the 3-month-old girl, WCCO said. Anderson was seen placing the baby in her car and going back into the bar, the Pioneer Press said.
Howie Padilla, a police spokesperson, was told by a patron Anderson took at least one shot of alcohol, the Pioneer Press said. The patron saw Anderson leave and try to drive away. The patron tried to stop her, reportedly upsetting her, the Pioneer Press said.
Officers were called to the scene and saw Anderson driving away. They stopped her and arrested her on suspicion of child endangerment, the Pioneer Press said.
Anderson called her family and they came to pick up the child, WCCO said.
Anderson remains in the Ramsey County jail while the case is being reviewed, the Pioneer Press said.

A group of African painted dogs at the the Pittsburgh Zoo mauled a 2-year-old boy to death Sunday morning after he accidentally fell into the exhibit, the Chicago Tribune reported.
The boy's mother lifted him on top of a railing, approximately 4 feet high, to give the boy a better view when he lost his balance and fell more than 10 feet into an exhibit containing 11 wild dogs, the Chicago Tribune and USA Today. A netting is in place to protect anyone against falling, but the boy was so small, he ricocheted off the net and into the exhibit, USA Today said. An autopsy showed the attack, not the fall, is what ultimately killed the boy, USA Today said.
The animals immediately attacked the boy, so once zoo staff arrived, there was nothing that could be done, the Chicago Tribune said. Staff fired tranquilizers at the dog, but one of the dogs was shot and killed because it would not leave the body of the boy, USA Today said.
The dogs were quarantined, but no other dogs have been put to death, USA Today said.
The zoo was closed immediately after the accident on Sunday and for the day Monday, but it is expected to open on Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune said.

Analysis: Jeff Blatnick obituary

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Jeff Blatnick, an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling, had his obituary featured in the New York Times. He was 55.
The only sources that were attributed in the obituary were his wife, Lori, and quotes directly from Blatnick.
The obituary follows a standard obituary structure. The lead follows a typical obituary formula. The rest of the obituary discusses the cause of death and then goes on in a timeline format. Readers are able to follow the course of Blatnick's life easily.
The news value is Blatnick's overcoming cancer in order to compete in the 1984 Olympics and ultimately win gold for the United States in wrestling. He became an inspiration and was well-known to many. Therefore his passing is considered valuable to news.
The obituary differs from a resume because it only lists the parts of his life that are considered inspirational and different from other individuals. It does not list all of the things he was involved in and all the different places he worked. The obituary is solely about giving prominence to the legacy Blatnick will likely leave.

Paul Ryan to rally in Minnesota Sunday

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Republican vice presidential nominee is set to campaign at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Sunday, the Minnesota Daily said.
The rally will take place at the Sun Country Airlines hangar, the Pioneer Press said. This visit marks the second visit in a week from Ryan, but this will be his first public appearance, the Pioneer Press said. The first visit was a stop en route to Wisconsin.
Campaigning has increased as Election Day nears. Bill Clinton visited the University of Minnesota to campaign for President Barack Obama, the Minnesota Daily said.
Minnesota, widely considered Democratic, has not elected a Republican presidential candidate since 1972, the Minnesota Daily said.
Obama led the polls over Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney earlier in the fall, however the gap between the two is quickly closing, the Pioneer Press said.
The event begins at 3:30 p.m. with doors opening at 1:30 p.m. Attendance requires a ticket to obtained from Romney's website.

iPad Mini sells out at NYC Apple Store

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Apple's Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City sold out of iPad Minis in about two hours Friday morning in the release of the tablet, CNET said.
The white model sold out first, with the black model selling out about an hour later, CNET said. Approximately 600 people lined up outside the NYC store, Bloomberg said.
Apple is expected to sell between 1 million and 1.5 million iPad Minis this weekend, CNET said. The fourth-generation iPad was also released Friday, which could increase sales' estimates, CNET said.
Hurricane Sandy caused two of the five Apple stores in NYC to remain closed Friday, Bloomberg said. However early sales of the iPad Mini prove the hurricane will not likely be hurting sales, Bloomberg said. Final sales from the weekend are expected to be reported early next week, CNET said.

U of M eliminates Office of Academic Administration

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The University of Minnesota is eliminating the Office of Academic Administration to save $1.6 million, WCCO said.
Robert Jones, head of the office, is leaving for a position as president at University of Albany in New York, the Pioneer Press said. His salary and benefits account for $414,300 of the $1.6 million, the Pioneer Press said.
"The office administers study abroad programs, international students, some research initiatives and the university extension service," WCCO said.
The equivalent of 4 1/2 full-time positions will be cut, WCCO said. The University intends to provide those employees with positions within the system, the Pioneer Press said.
The University has vowed to cut $28 million in administrative spending, WCCO said.
Michael McNabb, a member of the University's alumni association, reported to the Pioneer Press this was a beneficial initiative, but more work needs to be done.
"The excessive cost of administration is one factor for the skyrocketing tuition over the past decade that has imposed financial hardship on students and their parents," he said.

Shark attacked California surfer

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A California surfer survived a shark attack by punching the shark in the head Wednesday off the coast of Eureka, Mercury News said.
Scott Stephens was catching some waves when a great white shark bit him and pulled the surfer under, Mercury News said. Stephens began fighting with the shark until it released him. Stephens saw a lot of blood, Mercury News said.
Stephens remained in the hospital Thursday, but he is expected to make a full recovery as none of his vital organs were not harmed, NBC said.
A wave then helped Stephens get back to shore where fellow surfers where able to begin giving him medical attention, NBC said. Stephens was placed in the back of a truck and taken to a hospital, NBC said.
"An average of about 65 shark attacks happen each year around the world that typically result in two or three deaths, according to the Pew Environment Group," Mercury News said.
Stephens spoke publicly about the incident Wednesday, thanking fellow surfers and doctors for their help, NBC said.

Pyramid hotel in North Korea will possibly open next year

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North Korea's Ryugyong Hotel will most likely open in the middle of 2013 after almost 30 years of construction, BBC News said.
The pyramid-shaped hotel located in North Korea's capital city stands 105 stories high, the Huffington Post said. This makes it the 47th tallest building in the world, BBC News said.
Shops, restaurants, and offices would comprise the bottom of the building, while 150 rooms at the top would be used for hotel space, BBC News said.
Construction began on the building in 1987, BBC News said. However, construction was halted in the 1990s due to lack of funding and resumed again in 2009, the Huffington Post said.
The building, which has been deemed the "Worst Building in the History of Mankind" by Esquire Magazine, has been a source of embarrassment for North Korea as it has been left unfinished for quite some time, BBC News said.

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