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Jeff Blatnick, an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling, had his obituary featured in the New York Times. He was 55.
The only sources that were attributed in the obituary were his wife, Lori, and quotes directly from Blatnick.
The obituary follows a standard obituary structure. The lead follows a typical obituary formula. The rest of the obituary discusses the cause of death and then goes on in a timeline format. Readers are able to follow the course of Blatnick's life easily.
The news value is Blatnick's overcoming cancer in order to compete in the 1984 Olympics and ultimately win gold for the United States in wrestling. He became an inspiration and was well-known to many. Therefore his passing is considered valuable to news.
The obituary differs from a resume because it only lists the parts of his life that are considered inspirational and different from other individuals. It does not list all of the things he was involved in and all the different places he worked. The obituary is solely about giving prominence to the legacy Blatnick will likely leave.

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Pretty nice job on this, Danielle. The quote by him used at the end might have been worthy of note in your analysis. Also, might have wanted to look at a second obit about Blatnick, if only for comparison's sake.

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