Analysis: Mexico labor laws

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There are big changes coming for Mexico's labor laws which have not seen changes in 40 years, USA Today said in an article in the St. Cloud Times.
The news story involved Mexico's workers, which is a different cultural group than my own. The story moves beyond the stereotype of Mexicans. In the U.S., many believe Mexicans do all they can to come and live in the U.S. as illegal immigrants. This article breaks that and specifically interviews hard-working Mexican citizens.
The story features quotes from a variety of laborous Mexican workers. The sources of this story include a construction worker, a worker who used to work accounts receivables departments, among other professionals who are knowledgable on the labor laws in Mexico.
Different professors, specialts, and supporters of Mexican labor laws were interviewed and quoted in this story.
The professionals and supports of the Mexican labor laws add credibility and help break down the stereotypes that many believe of Mexican citizens. This article does an excellent job of providing a news story without a lot of bias.

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