Pyramid hotel in North Korea will possibly open next year

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North Korea's Ryugyong Hotel will most likely open in the middle of 2013 after almost 30 years of construction, BBC News said.
The pyramid-shaped hotel located in North Korea's capital city stands 105 stories high, the Huffington Post said. This makes it the 47th tallest building in the world, BBC News said.
Shops, restaurants, and offices would comprise the bottom of the building, while 150 rooms at the top would be used for hotel space, BBC News said.
Construction began on the building in 1987, BBC News said. However, construction was halted in the 1990s due to lack of funding and resumed again in 2009, the Huffington Post said.
The building, which has been deemed the "Worst Building in the History of Mankind" by Esquire Magazine, has been a source of embarrassment for North Korea as it has been left unfinished for quite some time, BBC News said.

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