Shark attacked California surfer

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A California surfer survived a shark attack by punching the shark in the head Wednesday off the coast of Eureka, Mercury News said.
Scott Stephens was catching some waves when a great white shark bit him and pulled the surfer under, Mercury News said. Stephens began fighting with the shark until it released him. Stephens saw a lot of blood, Mercury News said.
Stephens remained in the hospital Thursday, but he is expected to make a full recovery as none of his vital organs were not harmed, NBC said.
A wave then helped Stephens get back to shore where fellow surfers where able to begin giving him medical attention, NBC said. Stephens was placed in the back of a truck and taken to a hospital, NBC said.
"An average of about 65 shark attacks happen each year around the world that typically result in two or three deaths, according to the Pew Environment Group," Mercury News said.
Stephens spoke publicly about the incident Wednesday, thanking fellow surfers and doctors for their help, NBC said.

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