Analysis: Hospital helicopters

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Hospital helicopters are not used so much for reporting to scenes of accidents as much as they are used for transporting patients from hospital to hospital, the Argus Leader said.
The focus of the story was on whether the cost of hospital helicopters is worth it. Helicopter trips are increasingly expensive, yet increasingly popular, the article said.
The article provides a large amount of numbers. On the first page of the lengthy article, there is a table on the side that provides data from three different hospitals. The data includes the number of Medicare flights, scene of accident flights, hospital transfers, the average cost, and total cost. The information is used to provide details to reference the expenses of hospital helicopters. The table is not interactive. Readers cannot click on the table to get more information.
In order to produce this story, I assume the reporter had to use some basic math skills in order to provide interesting facts and relevant comparisons. The reporter broke down the information in order to make it more comprehensible and easier to follow. Simply stating the numbers would not have been as hard hitting. The way the information was present made the story that much more relevant.
It appears the reporter did not use any computer skills to create this story. The story is basically cut and dry math, reporting, and writing.

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