Text message celebrates 20th anniversary

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The text message, a popular form of communication by all, is 20 years old today, the Los Angeles Times said.
The first text message was sent on Dec. 3, 1992, from software engineer Neil Papworth to Vodafone director Richard Jarvis, CNN said. It read, "Merry Christmas," the Los Angeles Times, said.
Text messaging has changed over the past 20 years. From T9, to full QWERTY keyboards, to voicing your message to Siri, texting has gone completely mainstream, the Los Angeles Times said.
Texting is popular around the world because it is compatible on all phones, whether it be old flip phones or expensive smartphones, CNN said.
The average adult, 18-24, sends approximately 4,000 text messages a month, the Los Angeles Times said. Adults, 55 and over, send almost 500 text messages a month, the Los Angeles Times said.
Six billion text messages are sent around the world daily, CNN said. While text messaging is still popular, it has recently been on the decline, the Los Angeles Times said.
Text messaging is costly, and people are finding ways to avoid these costs, CNN said.
According to Chetan Sharma, a consulting firm, free alternatives to texting such as Apple's iMessage, Facebook's chat, and other apps are creating the first decline for texting ever, CNN and the Los Angeles Times said.
2013 may be the year texting sees a harsh decline, CNN said.

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