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Kate Middleton expecting first child

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England's Royal Family confirmed Monday the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first child, Fox News said.
It was also confirmed that Princess Kate was also admitted to the hospital due to Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is acute morning sickness due to pregnancy, Fox News said. She is expected to stay in the hospital for several days, but her illness is not serious, the Los Angeles Times said.
It has not been confirmed how far along Middleton is, however the rep for the Royal Family said she has not passed 12 weeks, Fox News said.
The news brought much to delight. Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted, "I'm delighted by the news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a baby," he said. "They will make wonderful parents."
The child, boy or girl, will be in line behind William for succession of the throne due to a recent change in the royal succession act in October, the Los Angeles Times said. Previously, the eldest son would be heir to the throne, the Los Angeles Times said.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who currently reside in North Wales where William is a search-and-rescue pilot, married in April 2011 after dating for eight years, Fox news said.

Fire at German disabled workshop kills 14

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A fire at a workshop for the disabled in Germany killed 14 and injured eight Monday, the Guardian said.
The cause of the fire, which took place in the Black Forest in the town of Titisee-Neustadt near Freiburg in southwest Germany, is still unknown, The Financial Times said. However a German news agency reported an explosion may have occurred in a storage area, the Financial Times said.
The institution, run by the Catholic charity of Caritas, employed 120 mentally or physically disabled workers, the Financial Times said. Employees complete a variety of jobs including metalwork, woodwork and electrical installation, the Guardian said.
Approximately 300 personnel, including firefighters and paramedics, and two helicopters were on the scene to qualm the blaze, the Financial Times said.
"It is devastating. We now have to find out how it happened," Titisee-Neustadt mayor Armin Hinterseh said, as reported in the Guardian.

Car bombs in Iraq claim casualties

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A number of car bombs in Iraq Wednesday killed at least 15, injuring dozens more, CNN said.
The attacks that took place in several different cities occurred on the eve of a Muslim festival that marks the start of a new Islamic year, the Chicago Tribune said.
The festival is celebrated and attended by Shiite Muslims who are a prime target of al Qaeda, the Chicago Tribune said.
Three car bombs in the city of Kirkuk, north of Baghdad killed nine, five of whom were Iraqi soldiers, and wounded 31 people, CNN said.
The southern Iraqi city of Hilla, which is predominantly Shiite, had a car bombing that killed five people and injured 12, CNN said.
"A car bomb exploded near a secondary school for girls and a crowded poultry market, leaving [five] dead, including innocent students. It's a real vicious terrorist act," said Hamza Kadhim, a local official in Hilla, as reported in the Chicago Tribune.
Two roadside bombs and one car bomb in Diyala Province targeted the convoy of Gov. Omer Aziz al-Hamri, but he was not hurt in the incident, CNN said. The bombs injured 11, CNN said.
While 150 people died last month in Iraq due to violence, the violence has decreased since the withdrawal of U.S. troops in December 2011, CNN said.

The pope to join Twitter

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Vatican officials announced Thursday Pope Benedict XVI would have his own Twitter handle by the end of the year, Reuters said.
The pope, 85, first tweeted last year from the Vatican's Twitter account, but this Twitter with be the pope's personal account, Fox News said. This is a very different step for the pope, who is known to be averse to computers, preferring to write his speeches by hand, Reuters said.
The tweets will not be written by the pope himself, but he will sign off on them, Fox News said.
The tweets are expected to contain information from his general weekly homilies, major holiday masses, and responses to major world events or disasters, Reuters said. Since this information will not fit into the 140-character space of Twitter, a url will most likely be provided, Reuters said.
This is all part of a push to have a larger presence in social media, as a Facebook page and a website have also been created, Reuters said.

Pyramid hotel in North Korea will possibly open next year

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North Korea's Ryugyong Hotel will most likely open in the middle of 2013 after almost 30 years of construction, BBC News said.
The pyramid-shaped hotel located in North Korea's capital city stands 105 stories high, the Huffington Post said. This makes it the 47th tallest building in the world, BBC News said.
Shops, restaurants, and offices would comprise the bottom of the building, while 150 rooms at the top would be used for hotel space, BBC News said.
Construction began on the building in 1987, BBC News said. However, construction was halted in the 1990s due to lack of funding and resumed again in 2009, the Huffington Post said.
The building, which has been deemed the "Worst Building in the History of Mankind" by Esquire Magazine, has been a source of embarrassment for North Korea as it has been left unfinished for quite some time, BBC News said.

Free abortions extension a possibility in France

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The lower house of the French Parliament passed a bill that would allow for reimbursement of abortions for all and free contraception for all minors on Friday according to The New York Times and ABC News.
Currently, medical insurance in France pays for abortions in full for minors and the poor. Other women can be reimbursed up to 80% of the cost for the procedure, which can cost about $580, ABC News said. Contraception in France was partially reimbursed. If the new law passes through Senate, which is likely, minors between the ages of 15 to 18 would be able to receive free contraception, the New York Times said.
Many in France say not enough doctors provide the procedure, ABC News said. Other medical providers charge a large amount for the procedure, which the bill would not cover ABC News said.
France is one of the European countries to allow abortions for minors without parental consent, ABC News said.

Cuba's 'exit visa' a thing of the past

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The Cuban 'exit visa' will no longer necessary for Cuban citizens wishing to leave the country beginning Jan. 13 according to the New York Times.
The New York Times states that the visa restricted Cubans from leaving the country even for a few days. The new policy will allow citizens to leave the country with just a passport.
According to the Los Angeles Times, travelers can still be denied a passport for travel for "reasons of public interest."
The Los Angeles Times reports that Cubans can now stay out of the country for 24 months as opposed to 11 months.
This new policy is a step in the right direction according to the New York Times. After Raul Castro took over the Cuban government for his ailing brother Fidel in 2006, several changes have been implemented to better Cuban society, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Los Angeles Times reports Cubans can now buy and sell houses and own cell phones and computers.
According to the New York Times, the reason for such a policy is economic growth. The government hopes Cubans will leave the country to make money elsewhere and return to spend their money in Cuba. This in turn will boost the economy, reports the New York Times.
This new policy could pose a problem for other countries such as the United States according to the Los Angeles Times. The Los Angeles Times states "Under its "wet foot, dry foot" policy, the U.S. allows any Cubans who make it to U.S. shores to apply for permanent residence after a year of good behavior." It could be hard to decipher who is vacationing and who is trying to leave Cuba for good.
According to the New York Times, the new Cuban policy is still being studied by the United States, but for now the U.S. policy remains unchanged reports the Los Angeles Times.

Deadly car bomb suicide in Pakistan

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A suicide car bomb attack killed at least 17 people and wounded 40 in the tribal Khyber region of northwest Pakistan.
According to BBC News, the attacked occurred in the town of Darra Adam Khel near the office of tribal leaders. The attack was aimed at pro-government militia who are against the Taliban.
Responsibility has not been taken by a particular group, but the Taliban have been blamed for similar attacks, reports BBC News.
The blast killed civilians and local elders alike, along with destroying 35 shops reports The Guardian.
According to The Guardian, wounded victims were transported to the nearby town of Peshawar due to a lack of local hospital space.

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