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Text message celebrates 20th anniversary

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The text message, a popular form of communication by all, is 20 years old today, the Los Angeles Times said.
The first text message was sent on Dec. 3, 1992, from software engineer Neil Papworth to Vodafone director Richard Jarvis, CNN said. It read, "Merry Christmas," the Los Angeles Times, said.
Text messaging has changed over the past 20 years. From T9, to full QWERTY keyboards, to voicing your message to Siri, texting has gone completely mainstream, the Los Angeles Times said.
Texting is popular around the world because it is compatible on all phones, whether it be old flip phones or expensive smartphones, CNN said.
The average adult, 18-24, sends approximately 4,000 text messages a month, the Los Angeles Times said. Adults, 55 and over, send almost 500 text messages a month, the Los Angeles Times said.
Six billion text messages are sent around the world daily, CNN said. While text messaging is still popular, it has recently been on the decline, the Los Angeles Times said.
Text messaging is costly, and people are finding ways to avoid these costs, CNN said.
According to Chetan Sharma, a consulting firm, free alternatives to texting such as Apple's iMessage, Facebook's chat, and other apps are creating the first decline for texting ever, CNN and the Los Angeles Times said.
2013 may be the year texting sees a harsh decline, CNN said.

A New York University student accidentally replied-all in an email to 40,000 students, which created the "Reply-Allpocalypse" on Monday night, the Huffington Post said.
Max Wiseltier, a sophomore at NYU, was trying to forward an email from the Bursar's office when he accidentally hit "reply to all," Yahoo News said. The email was sent to 39,979 students, the Huffington Post said.
Wiseltier immediately sent out an apology email explaining he accidentally hit "reply to all," which only furthered the "Reply-Allpocalypse." Almost 40,000 students realized they were able to send out mass emails, the Huffington Post said.
"We simultaneously realized that any message, complaint, whim, link, video, or GIF could be sent to nearly 40,000 people in an instant," Kelly Weill wrote in an NYU student newspaper, as reported in Yahoo News.
Thousands of students reportedly started sending mass emails, Yahoo News said. Popular emails included a picture of Nicholas Cage, and various questions posed to students, the Huffington Post said.
"Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck?" asked one student, as reported in Yahoo News.
"According to NYU Local's Ben Zweig, Reply-Allpocalypse occurred because several NYU departments still rely an 'older, discussion-based ListManager program,' which sends mass emails, 'but allows discussions (in the form of reply-alls), unless the settings are adjusted,'" the Huffington Post said.
The issue has since been resolved and students can no longer send out these mass emails, the Huffington Post said.
David Vogelsang of NYU's Student Resource Center announced in an email that he has the account that started the "Reply-Allpocalypse" has been deleted, the Huffington Post said.
"I'm the culprit behind the Lyris blunder," Vogelsang said. "I was assisting the Bursar with an email message and in populating one of the SRC Listserves did not realize the list I was using was one that allowed for responses," he said, as reported in the Huffington Post.
"I take full responsibility for this blunder and offer my sincere apologies for the frustrating situation that was created," Vogelsang said, as reported on Yahoo News.

No voters in a Minneapolis precinct

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A computer error resulted in no votes being cast in the Nov. 6 election from Ward 10, Precinct 3B in Minneapolis, the Star Tribune said.
City Clerk Casey Carl said the occurrence was due to the electronic redistricting of the area, therefore the precinct lies underneath the water of Lake Calhoun, United Press International said.
"It's the unintentional result of a programming error made in drawing new ward boundary lines during the redistricting process," Carl said in a email to the Star Tribune.
The Star Tribune noticed the lack of votes in the precinct after the elections. The error was to have been corrected before the elections, but never was, the Star Tribune said.
"So far, no one has been lured to the precinct to cast a vote," United Press International said.

Man with bionic leg climbs Chicago skyscraper

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A man became the first to ever use a bionic leg to climb up 103 stories to the top of Willis Tower in Chicago Sunday, the Huffington Post said.
Zac Vawter, 31, made history while climbing the stairs in a bionic leg that costs $8 million and weighs about 9 pounds, Time said.
Vawter, who lost his right leg in a 2009 motorcycle accident, is part of research project funded by the U.S. Department of Defense and various other research institutions, the Huffington Post said. The leg is attached at his thigh and is controlled completely by his brain, Time said.
The leg is able to respond to electrical responses in Vawter's brain, which control the two motors in the prosthetic leg, the Huffington Post said.
The climb was part of a fundraising event called "SkyRise Chicago" in which 3,000 others made the climb to raise money for rehabilitation care and research, Time and the Huffington Post said.
Researchers hope to have this mind-controlled prosthetic leg available to the public in the next 10 years, Time said.
Vawter, who resides in Washington, will not get to bring the bionic leg with him, but was pleased with the results.
"Everything went great," said Vawter at the event's end, as reported in the Huffington Post. "The prosthetic leg did its part, and I did my part."

iPad Mini sells out at NYC Apple Store

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Apple's Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City sold out of iPad Minis in about two hours Friday morning in the release of the tablet, CNET said.
The white model sold out first, with the black model selling out about an hour later, CNET said. Approximately 600 people lined up outside the NYC store, Bloomberg said.
Apple is expected to sell between 1 million and 1.5 million iPad Minis this weekend, CNET said. The fourth-generation iPad was also released Friday, which could increase sales' estimates, CNET said.
Hurricane Sandy caused two of the five Apple stores in NYC to remain closed Friday, Bloomberg said. However early sales of the iPad Mini prove the hurricane will not likely be hurting sales, Bloomberg said. Final sales from the weekend are expected to be reported early next week, CNET said.

Hurdler Lolo Jones earns a spot on the U.S. bobsled team

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Lolo Jones was one of 24 athletes names to the United States bobsled team on Thursday in Lake Placid, N.Y., the Los Angeles Times said.
Jones is one of two athletes to make the teams who competed at the London Olympics in track and field, the Washington Post said.
Jones now has the chance to compete at the World Cup in order to earn her official spot to compete for the United States at the Sochi Olympics in the winter of 2014, the Los Angeles Times said. Tianna Madison, the other track and field Olympic athlete to make the team, will compete alongside Jones at the World Cup on Nov. 8, the Washington Post said.
Todd Hays, women's bobsled coach, invited Jones and Madison to compete for a spot on the team as push athletes, the Los Angeles Times said. Their job is to push the sled down the chute before jumping on the sled, the Los Angeles Times said.
Jones had a tough time at the London Olympics. She finished fourth in the 100-meter hurdles in London, the Los Angeles Times said. Bobsledding is a breath of fresh air for the athlete.
"I just came out here and kind of needed to get away from track for a bit, kind of wanted to get some motivation," Jones said, as reported in the Los Angeles Times.
Other athletes still need to compete for the spot as push athlete, so there is no guarantee Jones will make the team, the Los Angeles Times said.

Target's CEO, Gregg Steinhafel, announced Tuesday that Target would be matching online retailers' prices from Nov. 1 to Dec. 16 reported the Pioneer Press.
According to the Pioneer Press, the online retailers Target will match include,,, and
While many stores match prices in store, it is "rare for stores to match online prices since they tend to be lower and fluctuate often," the Pioneer Press reported.
This new policy will be used to attract consumers and convince them to purchase products in the store reports the Los Angeles Times.
In the past, according to the Los Angeles Times, many shoppers use Target and other brick-and-mortar stores to look at certain items, then purchase the items online at home. is a huge competitor in the minds of executives at Target according to the Los Angeles Times. The newspaper reports Target is many times used as a "showroom."
Best Buy announced their plan to match prices for electronics and appliances, reports the Los Angeles Times. According to the Pioneer Press, Best Buy authorized its employees to match online prices in store during the holiday season.
Target has been implementing many new initiatives to keep their sales momentum through the holiday season reports the Pioneer Press. Target will also match prices in store from Nov. 1 through Dec. 24 reports the Los Angeles Times. The Pioneer Press also reports that Target will begin carrying luxury goods from Nieman Marcus at affordable prices. The Los Angeles Times reports that Target will provide QR codes on popular items allowing consumers to purchase items online from inside the physical store.
According to the Los Angeles Times, this holiday season marks a large push from all retailers to get consumers back into brick-and-mortar stores.

Gopher football head coach Jerry Kill suffered a seizure minutes after discussing the team's loss to Northwestern with the media at TCF Bank Stadium Saturday afternoon.
Kill appeared healthy during the postgame press conference, but University officials reported that he suffered a seizure after returning to the locker room according the Washington Post.
A University of Minnesota press release Saturday afternoon stated Kill was taken to a hospital by ambulance as a precautionary measure. The Pioneer Press reports he was alert and resting comfortably. The press release also stated new information would not likely be provided until Sunday.
Questions remain regarding whether or not Kill will be able to coach next Saturday's game at Wisconsin, however seizures have not held him back in the past according to the Washington Post. Kill, an epileptic cancer survivor suffered a seizure during the Gophers' 2011 loss to New Mexico State. The Pioneer Press reports Kill suffered approximately 20 minor seizures the week after the game. Kill checked himself into the hospital to receive medical attention.
Before the New Mexico State seizure, Kill has had three other seizures on game days reports the Washington Post. However, an incident relating to a seizure has never caused Kill to miss a game.
"What the hell am I supposed to do? Stop?" Kill said last year according to the Washington Post. "I mean, sit in the chair and wait for the next dang seizure to come along?"
The Pioneer Press states that defensive coordinator Tracy Claeys would take over as head coach for the 4-2 Gophers if Kill was unable to carry out his duties as coach.

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