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I have a few words to describe my self. A baker is not one of them; this is an entirely new concept for me. However, I was excited to start thinking about cookies I've had and something that might be fun to make.

My cookie innovation is focused on form, texture, and "surprise". I enjoy biting into food that may not look super appealing or extraordinary and being blow away by the taste! A friend suggested he liked peppermint that was hiding inside of a cookie. I took it a step further....

My ingredients (you can see in the picture) are the basic ingredients for sugar cookies, with some frosting. I then included pop rocks.

I originally planned to bake the cookies with my pop rocks in the middle of the cookie. Right away I realized this would melt the candy and the rocks wouldn't be able to pop.

Sooo... I baked the sugar cookies in my "muffin" tray, so the cookies would rise up giving me room to build a pocket in them after I pulled the tray out of the oven. While the cookies were cooling I quickly stamped the middle down with a small spoon. Then when the cookie hardened and cooled, I put the pop rocks inside the pocket, and covered it with frosting.

My first batch, I used too much dough and the cookies were too big (my original plan was to have them bite size, so you got all the pop rocks in your mouth at once).

Excited for you to try them!


First off, I tried your cookies today and really liked them, the simplicity of the cookie base was perfect for the Pop Rocks. It might have been nice to have some other flavoring or variety in the frosting though, to complement the candy. With your blog post, I liked that you explained your process, but next time some pictures throughout would be great. Also, you maybe should have explained what you did to create your winning batch, even if it was just a simple matter of adding less dough.

Hunter, I did enjoy the cookies you made for us.


The texture property also works into the surprise and pleasure sense from the reading. I wonder how possible nostalgia at the taste and feel of the pop rocks influenced enjoyment of the cookies.


It is useful to have the photo of your starting ingredients. However, this was the first time I made cookies, so I do not know how baking powder or baking soda interact in the process. I would like to see the final recipe included in the post (or in the comments section).


Adjusting the order of operations after realizing that baking would destroy the popping quality shows flexibility. Would the pop rocks melt or burst like balloons?

Hunter, you have come up with a really cool idea. I'm not sure if I tried yours or not - I had one with pop rocks but it definitely did not involve frosting, so there must have been two people implementing "surprise"! You said you were exploring innovative form - I would like to have seen you further develop this idea! Using a muffin pan is a good start, but could you manipulate form in a way that is unconnected to conventional baking methods? (Pop rock cookie rope, cookie wanton filled with pop rocks, etc.).

I think that you could have documented your process a little more - a visual of the final product would be helpful, as well as your process of creating that pocket and placing the candy inside. Did you have any other problems other than the cookie being too big? Showing your process is important!

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