There is a process for coming up with new ideas and this class is teaching us the details. On our off-site visit to HUGE improv, they emphasized that creativity is like a muscle that you can train and strengthen.

To get myself in the mood of creative thinking I tried a few different techniques. First, I watched my favorite TV show The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The first 10 minutes are usually packed full of jokes, ridiculing politicians and mass media organizations. I started my mind map after that, but wasn't feeling as playful as I needed to.




So then, I grabbed my violin and played for about 20 minutes. I played some simple disney songs and then I played Csardas Gypsy Dance (of course, not quite as good as Charlie Siem), a bit more challenging piece. It got my brain flowing in a different way!

My violin was passed down by my great grandfather who played his violin on ships back n forth between Germany and America. This is the violin he played in bars. It's had a couple face lifts, but it still has the richest sound I've ever heard in a violin!


Lastly, when I felt the need for further inspiration/a playful boost, I looked to reddit. A couple pictures that I found with the winter spirit and made me feel all fuzzy inside about the coming cold.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

An entire album of a beautiful winter ski home!


Click the picture to get a closer view!

My mind map took me on an adventure through all the great memories I had growing up as a child. My family is high on outdoor activities no matter the season. We also had a cabin in Wisconsin to visit, with lots of land to explore and build tree forts!

A few activities I remember vividly:

  • Alpine skiing in colorado

  • Cross country skiing across a lake by moon light

  • On the verge of freezing solid while hunting

  • Snowmobiling

  • Building massive tree/snow forts


After reviewing my Mind Map, I pulled out three areas of emphasis where I have the most interest surrounding winter.


Many of my ideas (and experiences) surround trying to stay warm in winter. Maybe it's because some of the moments in my life when I've been most cold are "burned" (Haha) into my brain. Whether it's the lack of heat, trying to not lose it, or trying to not overheat, maintaining a comfortable temperature is a challenge in the winter months.

Here are some ideas for this sub theme:

1. Fuzzy Bum
For those cold nights when you don't want to use the toilet, for fear of frost bite.

2. Musical Snuggie
My violin has broken due to the cold. Wrapping it in a blanket, with an electric heater would prevent lots of damage!

3. Smart Gloves
Winter gloves to keep your hands warm, but will allow you to control your smart devices/laptop/computer/etc.

4. Twisty Hood
When I was hunting, and had my hood up I noticed I could never turn my head (and only my head) to look behind me without the hood blocking my view. I couldn't turn my shoulders because I needed to remain still!

5. Sweat 'B Gon'!
When I am doing winter activities I can never keep the right amount of clothes on, to stay cool or stay warm. I start sweating during many activities which leads me to be even colder when I stop moving! This jacket has one string you pull on and it activates multiple draw strings and will open up your jacket (or snow suit) and expose you to the cold, so you can cool down before you start to sweat!


I have many fond memories of skiing and have skied all kinds of terrain, ranging from cliffs in Wyoming to the rolling plains in Wisconsin.


This theme has a warm place in my heart. It's really hard to describe the feeling of watching a fire, smelling the burning cedar, and feeling it's warmth in the cold of winter.


Here are some ideas I came up with that don't really fit a theme...


1. Puzzle Sled
Inspired by legos, build a customizable sled with your friends before you go out!
puzzle sled.jpg

2. Dry Dog Suit
Our dogs would always come in from the outside soaked in snow during the winter and dirty the house! Put this on your dog before letting them out and the snow won't stick to them at all.

3. Holotree
A christmas tree that projects a hologram effect, so you can put fun effects on your tree! It will be completely fake, though....

4. Wheel Plow
A shovel that has a wheel attached to the back, constantly engaged giving you some power behind each push you make for those extra heavy snow falls.


You have some good ideas! I really like the Smart Gloves, because today I just added "I can't check my phone with mittens on" to my Bug List. The beginning of your blog was really strong, because you explained in detail the different ways you stimulated your creativity and tried to get in the right mind set. It was interesting that you didn't just stick to your first idea, watching something funny (the Daily Show is the best, by the way.) Those images are beautiful, thanks for the link. I like the mind map and the funny drawings. Color would make it a little more fun! Also, the way your blog is set up was a little confusing. It would have been better to put all of the ideas together under 10 Wacky Ideas...and I think you only have nine.
In class, he talked about cropping and either scanning or editing the images so they look cleaner, so just keep that in mind! (I am guilty of not doing this too).


I really like the organization of your blog post, and that you separated the silly ideas that fit into your chosen sub-themes. You also went really in detail in your mind map, which helped to visualize your thought process. One thing I would mention is it's a bit messy in places, but otherwise very interesting.

For your silly ideas, I really like the idea of a puzzle sled that is modular and able to be whatever shape the user wants. This seems like it would be a fun and intriguing product that people would enjoy! My only critique here would be that the drawings get a bit messy, but we can't all be artists!

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