Assignment 7


The last post!

My five ideas again were:

  1. Hot 'N Cold Crockpot

  2. Batman Laser Firestarter

  3. Fire Cubes

  4. Fire Notes

  5. Marshmallow Rotisserie


Based on feedback from my survey, follow-on conversations with family, friends, and facebook I am strongly convicted to pitch the Hot 'N Cold Crockpot.

Reasons Why


  1. Being able to put food in your crockpot the morning (or night before) the next meal you intend to cook

  2. Keep your food in the crockpot if you don't finish it all, cool it down, and reheat for the next day

  3. Prevents overcooking of food

The feedback I received on price for this product was a little lower than I what I'm thinking I can manufacture it for but more market and manufacturing research would need to be done on that to make a decision on that.

Update: After doing further research I found some different existing products that looked cheaper, and therefore think this could retail for $80.

Potential Names

Naming is funny. Crock is defined as an earthenware pot. So the term crockpot means potpot.

  • Hot 'N Cold Crockpot
  • Cool 'N Cook
  • Coolk
  • Coolkpot
  • Arctic Cooker
  • Autopot

I decided to go with Autopot.

Practice Pitch





Hello Hunter:
I really enjoy your idea, and I think your pitch is very solid and contains a lot of information. I am so glad to see you narrow down to one of your best ideas, and you prepared it very well.
Your Pugh Chart looks nice and clear, and I can see you have been working on it for a long time. Just several suggestions on your presentation: maybe try to smile more, so you can get closer to your audience, and then maybe combine your prototype with your presentation as well, so your audience will then see the product. You did great at the final presentation today. Have a great winter break!

Your product idea is great. I can definitely see a lot of families wanting to use this idea. The product seems like it would be really user friendly and helpful. I'm curious about how the mechanisms would work exactly to keep the food safe while in that "inbetween" hot and cold stage. Also, how could you convince someone to buy this product if they already have a crockpot. You would definitely have to figure out the price point so that it isn't so expensive that people wouldn't buy it if they already have the traditional version.

Great job! You gave a really nice presentation the other day!


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