January 28, 2008

oh hi sunshine!

as i sipped coffee on the was to the west bank, it was nice to take in slightly warmer temperatures of the day. i didn't gain much from sitting in lecture, but during lab we were taken to the bell library to look at old maps. there were gorgeously adorned with hand painted illustrations of greek gods and goddesses, army encampments, and depictions of cities, countries and continents. It was really interesting to see what was thought of as important, usually decided by size, and the ideas the cartographer has about the make of our world. after being enlightened by the maps, i was trying to fight the sleepies of a late night and the unusual warm weather so i headed to starbucks for another cup of coffee and a much needed sugar boots to get me through the end of the day; my vanilla latte and banana nut loaf ran about $5-6. the rest of the evening sped up with a fast trip to the mall for some engagement presents for a roommate, and then viewing a tennis match at the baseline center. the all important bowl of cereal for dinner rounded out the night just in time to get to bed.