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January 29, 2008


in class today we got a big helping of american gladiators served to us by 12 god-like figures, not to mention laila and hulk. it is interesting to compare this showcase to the spectacle barthes analyzes in his essay of wrestling. some of the obvious similarities are the over dramatic and showmanship of the fights. for the gladiators, they are welcomed into the arena with laser light shows and fireworks all of which glisten against the silver costumes. this grandeur adds to the feeling and idea of an epic journey is about the take place, like in the greek myths. it is all played to be an act, a show, pure entertainment. as far as the gladiators themselves, they play up a stereotype of some-sort to the max, leaving no room or ambiguity or question to the viewer. this same sentiment was shared by barthes. the 12 larger-than-life charters, in some cases literally, bring to the table exactly what they are supposed to, an energy that makes its way through the challenges to the audience in house and home. as for the contenders, the are your average joe but driven to defy the "gods" of the eliminator. draped in red and blue, heroic colors, and preface with personal vignettes, the home audience can form a relationship with each contender. through this contrived sense of familiarity the viewer is drawn into the story even more.

at the end of the day however, when the contender finally beats that damn ramp, it is all just for show. pure show. the drama let us escape for an hour or so but in so, lets the viewer participate in an age'ol indulgent of theater and entertainment.

January 28, 2008

oh hi sunshine!

as i sipped coffee on the was to the west bank, it was nice to take in slightly warmer temperatures of the day. i didn't gain much from sitting in lecture, but during lab we were taken to the bell library to look at old maps. there were gorgeously adorned with hand painted illustrations of greek gods and goddesses, army encampments, and depictions of cities, countries and continents. It was really interesting to see what was thought of as important, usually decided by size, and the ideas the cartographer has about the make of our world. after being enlightened by the maps, i was trying to fight the sleepies of a late night and the unusual warm weather so i headed to starbucks for another cup of coffee and a much needed sugar boots to get me through the end of the day; my vanilla latte and banana nut loaf ran about $5-6. the rest of the evening sped up with a fast trip to the mall for some engagement presents for a roommate, and then viewing a tennis match at the baseline center. the all important bowl of cereal for dinner rounded out the night just in time to get to bed.

January 27, 2008

breakfast for lunch?

saturday defiantly made up for sunday's effort on this project. saturday was made up of mainly meals. breakfast for lunch with a high-school friend at the dinkytowner; two eggs, toast, hash-browns for $7. It was fun to catch up, talk about how our breaks were and the newest gossip about old bchs alum. after lunch, homework ensued until i met my brother for dinner at ruby tuesdays. it's always great to spend some time with the big bro, even when he doesn't bring around the little nephew of 18 months, griffin is just a big hunk of awesome. both of our mini burger and salad bar and drinks ran about $13. but brandon is defiantly good for it. after dinner, the night took a turn for crazy when i got myself back into homework until blissfully falling a sleep.

sunday was pretty relaxed and very consumption free. coffee before church, a hot turkey and chess sandwich of off the grill (all made at home), napping to america's next top model re-runs (cycle 2/eva the diva), homework (as always) and cozying up with the screen actors gild awards.

January 25, 2008

a good cup of joe

friday mornings are always bitter sweet. excited that it's friday, sad i have to wake up for work at 8am. not fun. but, with my trusty cup of coffee, it eases the pain of daylight. as i rolled up to my desk in my wheeled chair i took a drink of my coffee. the only thing was it was horrible. i had tired something new with some fancy syrup and failed miserable. this however lead to a pilgrimage through the cold to get a sweet grande skim no foam vanilla latte and a blueberry scone for $4. d e l i c i o u s and hit the spot. for the rest of the day i only consumed information about maps in class and mundane back and fourth of a job. i did get a chance to warm up to a dbros hot chocolate, 2.90 and the thoughts of mark twain's pudd'n head wilson. The day ended strong with a necessities trip (bread, milk, chips, salsa, candy bar) to rainbow for $15, dinner at bloco with a roommate for $9 and the hilarious anecdotes of anchorman with a friend.

January 24, 2008

c if for consume

the best way for me to start my day is to drink i nice hot cup of coffee. my fair trade brand morning blend with a little bit of skim milk and dash of hot chocolate does the trick like nothing else. as i looked at my thermometer, i noticed the -23 and decided to give up the $7 it would take to park in a ramp than walk the 20 minutes it would take to class. this made me feel very i turned on my seat heater and drove off. as far as the rest of the day, i bought supplies at the bookstore for a total of $47 of which included a shinny new calendar for 2008 and some stamps to mail off birthday thank yous. the rest of the day was pretty low key; got overflow coffee with a friend, $1.80, and i pawned off some dinner from a roommate then hit the hay early.

January 23, 2008

what goes in, always comes out

so, for the next month or so, i will be sharing what i deem important to buy. let's be honest, most of it is quite unnecessary, but we will see...