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a good cup of joe

friday mornings are always bitter sweet. excited that it's friday, sad i have to wake up for work at 8am. not fun. but, with my trusty cup of coffee, it eases the pain of daylight. as i rolled up to my desk in my wheeled chair i took a drink of my coffee. the only thing was it was horrible. i had tired something new with some fancy syrup and failed miserable. this however lead to a pilgrimage through the cold to get a sweet grande skim no foam vanilla latte and a blueberry scone for $4. d e l i c i o u s and hit the spot. for the rest of the day i only consumed information about maps in class and mundane back and fourth of a job. i did get a chance to warm up to a dbros hot chocolate, 2.90 and the thoughts of mark twain's pudd'n head wilson. The day ended strong with a necessities trip (bread, milk, chips, salsa, candy bar) to rainbow for $15, dinner at bloco with a roommate for $9 and the hilarious anecdotes of anchorman with a friend.