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breakfast for lunch?

saturday defiantly made up for sunday's effort on this project. saturday was made up of mainly meals. breakfast for lunch with a high-school friend at the dinkytowner; two eggs, toast, hash-browns for $7. It was fun to catch up, talk about how our breaks were and the newest gossip about old bchs alum. after lunch, homework ensued until i met my brother for dinner at ruby tuesdays. it's always great to spend some time with the big bro, even when he doesn't bring around the little nephew of 18 months, griffin is just a big hunk of awesome. both of our mini burger and salad bar and drinks ran about $13. but brandon is defiantly good for it. after dinner, the night took a turn for crazy when i got myself back into homework until blissfully falling a sleep.

sunday was pretty relaxed and very consumption free. coffee before church, a hot turkey and chess sandwich of off the grill (all made at home), napping to america's next top model re-runs (cycle 2/eva the diva), homework (as always) and cozying up with the screen actors gild awards.


i'm glad I made it on this