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c if for consume

the best way for me to start my day is to drink i nice hot cup of coffee. my fair trade brand morning blend with a little bit of skim milk and dash of hot chocolate does the trick like nothing else. as i looked at my thermometer, i noticed the -23 and decided to give up the $7 it would take to park in a ramp than walk the 20 minutes it would take to class. this made me feel very warm...as i turned on my seat heater and drove off. as far as the rest of the day, i bought supplies at the bookstore for a total of $47 of which included a shinny new calendar for 2008 and some stamps to mail off birthday thank yous. the rest of the day was pretty low key; got overflow coffee with a friend, $1.80, and i pawned off some dinner from a roommate then hit the hay early.