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a journey well traveled

today is our last day (relatively) of consumption. it has been an interesting process to go through. i have found out one: i need to severely alter my diet; cutting out so much coffee and actually eating real food. runners up to coffee are cereal and nutragrain bars. two: most of my mental consumptions all come back to focusing on the idea that loving other people and showing them you care bring joy to my life. it gets stressful juggling what life throws are you from a midterm to a marriage to everything you can imagine.

it is hard to control what you are exposed to, be it physical or physiological, but you can control how you let it effect you and how you respond to it. i found that i am hard to sway from my personal course and ideas about things. i am more than willing to experience new ideas and viewpoints, but at the end of the day, it takes more and a lyric, a sign, a marketing scheme to move me. this i can say is a tribute to the faith i have found and developed in my life, and nothing more.