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a slow start

rough night last night: gophs lost in hockey to und; not ok. but, a quick trip was made to b.loco with my roommate to lighten the blow with a couple beers and good conversation. conversation, in my mind, is the best type of consumption. there were about 7 of us at a high top. it was nice to kick back for a little bit and just be with everyone (corny i know). the topic list for the evening:

1. beer in general: guinness always coming out on top
2. jordan's job at wcco
3. abby
4. kim's lightweight-ness
5. spooning
6. hofer's beard, then tim's bold attempts to shave to look as if he were in the civil war
7. colleen's long legs: we are working on a children's story, a very tall tale.

even thought none of these topics are of any consequence or real information, getting to learn new opinions, perspectives and ideas from the people around me. it was also relaxing, and probably the best consumption thus far.