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day's of birth

it's colleen's (a roommate) birthday today, so...i treated myself to a grande mocha at starbucks. she should not be the only on to get to celebrate. either way, i needed coffee to help me get through my classes today. i'm actually on my way to get a birthday present for her at midwest mountaineering. i'm gonna get her a pink water bottle, the metal ones. I was told that the nalgenes, if used too long or are heated up somehow, the plastic gives off chemicals, and some estrogen into the liquid and the drinkers drinks all that crap too. scary. it made me think of all the crap that no on even knows we consume on a daily basis. i mean what's really in my water, my soda, my drink? what is in that cole slaw in the lunch cafeteria? i feel like too many people, myself included at second-handers: we just take for truth what is told second hand. no one really goes and finds or confirms information anymore. from ingredients of food to ingredients for life, we should be aware of what is really going on and not what we are "told." either way. we are making chocolate cake tonight for colleen and i'm excited to eat it...no matter what's in it.